9 Ways to Rock the Cut out ...


Cut outs in shirts, dresses and even pants have been all the rage this season. Whether you’re layering the pieces, or showing some sexy skin, this trend is sure to catch the eye of that special guy. But do you know all the ways to rock cut outs? Please everyone don’t go all scissor happy on me here – less is more! I know you are all saying "I could never pull this off!" But trust me, you can with these simple steps. Here are 8 ways to rock cut outs.

1. Find Your Style

Find Your Style

This isn’t for everyone, and I know that. So take some time, go try on every cut out dress you see and figure out what works for you! Pay attention to where the cut outs land on your body, and what you like and don't like. This will help to narrow down the style type you are. Here's a pro-tip secret one of the ways to rock cut outs: around the chest and below the bust are flattering on most body shapes.

Layer It up
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