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Shopping for clothes is quite the task when you’re a young adult. You want to look and dress your age, but you don’t necessarily have the budget to dress like the adult you are. If you’re constantly on the lookout for new stores to shop at that are age-appropriate and in your budget, I assure you, you will find all of your favorite stores on this list! No matter what your style is, a store on this list will definitely serve your needs!

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Who doesn’t love Target? No matter your age, the clothing selection at Target is always amazing. Whether you’re looking to shop in the juniors’ section or the women’s section, you’ll always find something perfect for any occasion!



I love H&M because they offer such a great variety of clothes. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding, a new job, or even just clothes for lounging around, H&M has got you covered. When you’re a young adult, you can’t exactly afford expensive clothes. H&M gets that and sells amazing clothes at cheap prices!



Madewell is essentially J.Crew’s little sister. If you love J.Crew but feel like it’s still a little too mature for you, or the price tag is just not friendly enough for your budget yet, try Madewell. Madewell clothes are, just like the name suggests, made well, so it’s definitely a clothing store to check out!



ASOS has amazing quality clothes and designer lines for prices that millennials can actually afford. No matter your style, whether you’re more reserved or quirky, you’ll be covered when you shop at ASOS!



Uniqlo has prices so cheap that you probably won’t believe them when you see them. Their basics are such great quality and so cheap. If you’re looking to rebuild the basics in your wardrobe, this is definitely the place to do it!


Uniqlo excels in providing minimalist styles that can be effortlessly mixed and matched to create a sleek, modern aesthetic. The fabrics used are often innovative, featuring heat-retaining and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring both comfort and durability. Their seasonal sales and special collaborations are not to be missed, offering unique pieces at even more affordable prices. Perfect for stocking up on everyday wear, Uniqlo has a commitment to simplicity and functionality that resonates with the practical yet fashion-conscious young adult.



If your style is more retro but you can’t find anything that fits your style in your price range, ModCloth is a great place to look. They have such a diverse variety too. You can buy everything from a bathing suit to a bridesmaid’s dress at ModCloth!


ModCloth not only offers a variety of retro and vintage-inspired garments that cater to a wide range of body types, but they also emphasize inclusivity in their sizing, which means finding the perfect fit is much easier. From quirky printed blouses to classic A-line dresses, every piece feels like a nod to past fashion eras with a modern twist. Plus, their easy-to-navigate website makes shopping online a breeze, and they often feature customer reviews and photos, so you can see how their clothes look on real people before you buy!



Not only does Francesca’s have cute, well-made clothes at a great price, but also few stores have prices and sales as great as Francesca’s. Plus, I don’t know if it’s just the areas that I frequent, but it seems like Francesca’s stores have been popping up in malls everywhere lately, which makes it the perfect store when you’re in a pinch!

Where are your go-to stores as a millennial looking for a good deal and good quality? I love shopping at all of these stores, but I’m always looking for new stores to check out, especially as I start attending more events where I need to look more professional rather than like an every day young adult! Let me know your favorite clothing stores in the comments!

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The only thing I would've added to this list are the website links.

If you like Maurice's, try Dress Barn! I always thought it was for older women but it's definitely not! Almost all of my clothes are from there and I LOVE them. Some times you have to do a little digging but the clothes are made really well. They'll last you 10+ years if you take care of them. I think the prices are pretty reasonable. Maybe they're $10 more than Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 but the quality is so much better and everything has multiple uses- it can all be easily dressed up or down!

I adore francescas, everything is so feminine and dainty... Totally not over priced since the materials most of the clothes are made off is quality plus they have sales all the time!!!!

And brandy meville

Numbers three through seven are NOT EVEN IN MY STATE! Be more realistic!

OMG I couldn't live without Rue21!!! Also, Aeropostale occasionally... :)


Modcloth has theWORST return policy. Be aware Canadians!

Made well and mod cloth are so expensive:(

I like these stores so much!!!!

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