The Secrets πŸ™Š to Dressing for Your Body Shape πŸ’‹ ...


Dressing for your body type might seem like a hard task at first, but once you pin down which shape you generally are, it will save you a lot of extra time shopping for clothes in the future!

No matter what body shape you are, it's all about dressing to create an even balance between your top and lower half. Luckily, certain styles of clothes can help us out hugely by creating the illusion of both fullness and definition!

1. Pear / Triangle

Pear shaped girls should opt for tops that are loose, flowy and tend to flair outwards. Since the pear shape typically has a smaller bust, this technique will create the illusion that your top half is fuller than it naturally is! Pair this with bottoms that are quite figure hugging and flattering such as bodycon styles of skirts. Avoid any flair styles like 'skater' skirts as these can make you appear bottom-heavy.

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