8 Tips for Pulling off Peplum ...


How to wear peplum may not be a question on everyone’s lips, but it’s one worth checking out this season. If the new season collections are anything to go by then peplum is definitely the shape to watch out for. Some people may be scared off my peplum silhouettes, but it can look quite flattering. The exaggerated shape of the peplum can in fact create a slimmer silhouette by diminishing the surrounding areas. It’s all about knowing how to wear peplum well. Take a look at the following wearing peplum how-to.

1. What’s Your Hip Size?

The peplum silhouette can be suitable for all sizes. Knowing how to wear peplum all comes down to your hip size. Those with narrow hips can get away with big frills and bold patterns as this added fullness at the hips creates a curvier appearance. Those with wider hips should steer clear of contrasting colours, cut away peplum finishes, and busy patterns.

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