7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts ...


7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts ...
7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts ...

How to wear a maxi skirt usually involves a sense of breezy, boho styling. But what if you want to give your maxi skirted outfit a bit more polish? There are a variety of ways to style your maxi skirt in a more sophisticated manner. When it comes to how to wear maxi skirts stylishly, it’s all about balancing out the volume of the skirt with structured and tailored lines. Take a look at the following tips on how to wear maxi skirts with a little bit more polish.

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With a Cropped Blazer

For an instantly polished look when it comes to how to wear a maxi skirt, you can’t go past a tailored blazer. Go for a cropped style as this will balance out the length of the maxi skirt.


With a Collared Shirt

Work a preppy angle and team your favourite maxi skirt with a collared shirt. Sleeveless Oxford shirts look great in the summer months and long sleeved shirts rolled up to the elbows look chic as well. Tuck the shirt in for an especially polished look.


In a Slimline Design

Choosing a maxi skirt in a slim, streamlined design is just one way to give your outfit a more polished appearance. Opt for column-like maxi skirts instead of tiered, fuller styles. For an example on how to wear a maxi skirt this way, team a black slimline maxi skirt with a strappy tank top and accessorise with cocktail jewellery for a stylish take on eveningwear.


High on the Waist

Where your maxi skirt sits is an important factor to consider when creating a more polished appearance. Low slung skirts can be quite boho and unkempt so opt for a skirt that sits higher on your waist.


A high-waisted maxi skirt not only elongates your figure but also creates a seamless transition from your top to your skirt, adding to the cohesive sophistication of your outfit. To accentuate your waist, consider tucking in a fitted blouse or even adding a slim belt. This style naturally draws the eye up, emphasizing what is often the narrowest part of the body, and gives the illusion of an hourglass figure, further enhancing the elegant vibe of the ensemble.


In a Pleated Style

Look out for pleating when it comes to how to wear a maxi skirt this season. A pleated maxi skirt looks chic and feminine. Team it with a basic tee, ballet flats, and a compact handbag for an effortlessly stylish look.


With Pumps

Pop on some pretty pumps to add some glamour to your maxi skirted look. Flats and sandals are usually the preferred footwear when wearing maxi skirts but this can all come across as a bit casual. A pair of heeled court shoes or glossy pumps is perfect for styling things up. Just watch where you walk because it’s quite easy (and potentially dangerous) to trip on the hem of your skirt.


Stick to Opaque Fabrics

Give sheer maxi skirts a miss if you’re looking to style it in a more sophisticated manner. When looking at how to wear a maxi skirt, you can still opt for lightweight fabrics like silks, but just make sure that the fabric is opaque.

These tips will hopefully have you rocking that maxi skirt with some added sophistication. When it comes to how to wear a maxi skirt in a more polished manner, it’s all about balancing out the relaxed nature of the skirt with chic, smart pieces. What’s your best tip for how to wear maxi skirts?

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