7 Tips on How to Wear a Little White Dress ...

Move over little black dress because the little white dress is the new wardrobe staple and thus what prompted this article about how to wear a little white dress! It’s incredibly versatile, as you can dress it down or glam it up with just a few key accessories, just like you would with a little black dress! Plus, wearing white is always a great way to instantly create a fresh, chic look. Little white dresses are definitely one of spring and summer's hottest fashion trends, so to help you get started, here are 7 tips on how to wear a little white dress.

1. Pick the Right LWD

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First off, the main tip I can give you for how to wear a little white dress is to make sure you choose the right type of white dress for your body! In general, the darker you are in skin tone, the darker shade of white will best suit you. So for instance, pale skin shades will look best in bright white shades, whereas dark skin will be better suited in off whites or creams. Also, beware of thin white material as it can become see-through, and make sure to wear white or nude underwear!

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