7 Modern Tips for Black Tie Dressing ...

Tips for black tie dressing tend to be much more relaxed nowadays than in the past. If youโ€™ve got a formal occasion coming up, but donโ€™t feel like black tie dressing is really your style, there are plenty of ways you can adapt it to feel more modern and contemporary. Somewhere in between cocktail and white tie dress codes, modern black tie is all about putting together plush and polished outfits. Check out a few modern tips for black tie dressing, below.

1. Do It like the Boys

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One of the oldest tips for black tie dressing for women is to not wear trousers. But rules are meant to be broken arenโ€™t they? Take a cue from Yves Saint Laurentโ€™s classic Le Smoking look and don a chic tuxedo for a modern take on black tie dressing. Finish your black tie outfit off with stiletto heels and sleek accessories for a stylish and sophisticated look.

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