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If you are an avid traveller, or someone who has recently been bitten by the travel bug, then some travel inspired clothes and accessories would be perfect for you. I think these pieces are fun, flirty, and quirky. They are perfect to show off your adventurous personality and love of travelling. Best of all, you can find all of these items at ModCloth. So add some distance and adventure to your wardrobe with these nine travel inspired clothes and accessories.

1. Round Trip Travel Wallet

Round Trip Travel Wallet

ModClothโ€™s Round Trip Travel Wallet is the first item on this list of travel inspired clothes and accessories. Covered in postage stamps, birds, airplanes, and maps, the Round Trip Travel Wallet is designed appropriately with a travel theme. There are also cute phrases plastered on the wallet, such as "wish I could travel the world on the back of a bright pink flamingo" and "letโ€™s run away to a faraway land, just you and me hand in hand." Not only is this wallet adorable, but itโ€™s also practical. The Round Trip Travel Wallet holds everything from cards, bills and spare change, to passports, pens, and flight tickets.

Find it here: modcloth.com

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