9 Travel Inspired Fashion Items ...

Travel inspired fashion is an interesting concept. When looking at travel inspired fashions, I’m talking about things like map prints or digitally screened photographs of far-off destinations. You can find these on anything from bags to shoes to shirts. I guess the idea is that if you can’t go to the places you’ve always dreamed of, you can always wear them instead! Take a look at a few bits of fashion inspired by travel, below.

1. Topshop London Map Purse

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Price: $30.00 at us.topshop.com
Take a little bit of London with you wherever you go thanks to this map print purse. It features a hand drawn design of the city of London, with all the major localities labelled for good measure. When it comes to travel inspired fashion, I guess this purse could also come in handy if you’re ever in London and in need of a map!

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