7 Vloggers with Gorgeous Fashion Sense ...


7 Vloggers with Gorgeous Fashion Sense ...
7 Vloggers with Gorgeous Fashion Sense ...

Whether or not you love YouTubers, there’s no denying that they have really awesome fashion sense. It’s very rare to find YouTubers who solely focus on fashion, because most beauty gurus do a little bit of everything these days. However, these women, no matter what YouTube genre they fit in, are some of the most fashionable women on the Internet, and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some style inspiration!

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Zoella If you’re someone who is subscribed to Zoella, you are now one of seven million. Yes, you read that right, seven million. Although Zoe claims that she isn’t a “beauty guru” or “fashion vlogger,” she does do both of those titles quite well, and that’s especially apparent in her fashion sense. Even before she found YouTube fame, she could always put together a gorgeous outfit for a few pounds, and that’s still true today, seven million subscribers later.


Sprinkle of Glitter

Sprinkle of Glitter It’s almost impossible to mention Zoe without bringing up Louise (also known as Sprinkle of Glitter), Zoe’s best friend, whose style is just as perfect as Zoe’s. Louise’s style is as cute as her channel’s name. She wears cute, girly, and preppy outfits that you’ll fall in love with no matter your personal style. She’s especially great if you’re looking for plus-size inspiration, because she dresses for her body without letting it constrict what she wears!


Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott Rachel Talbott is one of those YouTubers who I could just sit and binge-watch for hours on end. She has amazing style, and beyond that, she’s just a happy, positive person who you’ll want to be friends with! She does a lot of different types of videos, but if you’re looking for style inspiration, look no further than her hauls!



LaurDIY If you’re a teenager who’s looking to update your wardrobe but you’re not willing to spend a ton of money in doing so, Lauren from LaurDIY is your girl. Not only does have amazing personal style without spending a fortune, but she also has a ton of awesome clothes DIYs to help you update things you can already find in your closet!


Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen Ingrid Nilsen is one of those people who I would very gladly steal every outfit in her closet if I could. No matter what she wears, she always looks polished and put-together. Whenever I need a bit of style rejuvenation, I always watch her videos to give me some new ideas and tips. Not only her hauls, but her OOTDs and outfit idea videos always come in handy when I’m looking for new outfits myself!


Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi Niki and Gabi are another great source for style inspiration if you’re a teenager with a limited budget. Niki and Gabi don’t do anything completely out of the ordinary. They shop at all of the same stores you do, and yet, everything they wear seems like it should cost so much more than it does. If you’re looking for clothing ideas from stores like Forever 21 and Tobi, these girls have got you covered.


Ann Le

Ann Le I tell this story entirely too often, but when I discovered Ann Le, I spent an entire day watching every single video she had put on YouTube. Technically she does DIYs, but her own personal style is what really attracted me to her videos, and she even has a ton of fashion DIY videos to help you update your wardrobe!

Who are your favorite style vloggers? Give me some names to check out in the comments!

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Bethany Mota, Aspyn Ovard, Tess Christine..

BEAUTYCRUSH shes amazing too

Claire marshall!!

Selena Gonzalez!

Carly bybel and nicole guireero

Why so racist tho, what if shirley b eniang, what of the chic natural 😒 thumbs down!

Bethany mota shud be a part of this

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Yup, you should include bethany mota to the list

Carli bybel should be on the top. She has the best fashion sense. Love her ❤️

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