7 Vloggers with Gorgeous Fashion Sense ...

Whether or not you love YouTubers, there’s no denying that they have really awesome fashion sense. It’s very rare to find YouTubers who solely focus on fashion, because most beauty gurus do a little bit of everything these days. However, these women, no matter what YouTube genre they fit in, are some of the most fashionable women on the Internet, and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some style inspiration!

1. Zoella

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If you’re someone who is subscribed to Zoella, you are now one of seven million. Yes, you read that right, seven million. Although Zoe claims that she isn’t a “beauty guru” or “fashion vlogger,” she does do both of those titles quite well, and that’s especially apparent in her fashion sense. Even before she found YouTube fame, she could always put together a gorgeous outfit for a few pounds, and that’s still true today, seven million subscribers later.

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