8 Ways to Add Spikes and Studs to Your Wardrobe ...


8 Ways to Add Spikes and Studs to Your Wardrobe ...
8 Ways to Add Spikes and Studs to Your Wardrobe ...

How to wear studs and spikes yet avoid looking like 80’s Madonna? Well, I know this trend may look a bit risky but there are plenty of interesting ways to enjoy it in a contemporary, chic kind of way! So many great items perfect for style updates not to mention tons of interesting DIY projects just waiting to happen – not giving spikes and studs a test drive would be a shame! Don’t waste a second more, find a perfect way to incorporate this interesting trend into your wardrobe below:

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On Your Shoes

Wondering how to wear studs and spikes and enjoy this interesting urban trend without having to max out on your credit card and invest in at least a few matching garments? Well, shoes definitely are a good way to start! From Gianmarco Lorenzi and Christian Louboutin to Michael Kors and Jeffrey Campbell – there is a studded pair of footwear for every taste and every season! Opt for a pair of glam, spiked pumps in case you’re looking for something that’s classy and fierce in the same time, say yes to loafers or creepers in case you’re hoping to find a perfect balance between comfort and trend or spend this winter sporting a pair of totally cool, totally trendy studded biker-style boots.


On Your Collar

Super-embellished collars are super hot this season and crystals and pearls are definitely not the only embellishments to stay on a lookout for! Opt for some of many interesting studded designs to rock this trend without breaking the bank or DIY your own chic collar or collar-necklace to wear this season! Unsure where to start? Redo the collar of your favorite shirt, alternating between two different sized types of spikes for a brand new, stylish reveal of a piece of clothing you’ve worn one too many times!


On Your Jacket

Nothing spells a great outfit pick-me-up better than a flashy, studded leather jacket! DIY one in case you have a spare and not particularly interesting jacket you wouldn’t mind freshening up a bit or treat yourself this Christmas and purchase the one you’ve been eyeing for quite some time now! Strategically placed studs and grommets will make your jacket look cool and trendy yet still quite wearable in a number of ways while an all out flashy one might require a bit of creative thinking in terms of working it into a great outfit but certainly is a statement piece worth having.


In Your Hand

A fierce and unusual looking spiky clutch can be an ultimate fashion accessory or a no-nonsense weapon –all depending on how you choose to use it! I would opt for the former, of course, and that’s not just my peace-loving personality talking! Wear it with your standard-issue black dress of choice for a trendy, urban touch on your most favorite evening attire or match it with another spiky piece for a total look that won’t go unnoticed!


As Jewelry

Wearing studs and spikes as jewelry and looking absolutely fantastic is so easy this year! No need to spend tons of cash either as these interesting studded accessories can be found literally everywhere and that includes Forever 21, H&M along with all other stores that offer affordable yet super-trendy items to crush on, purchase without too much thinking and rock while the trend lasts! Restock your jewelry box well this season adding at least on pair of fierce-looking spiked earrings, bracelets you can mix and match and collar necklaces to help you “punk-up” an outfit in a heartbeat and without alterations.


With Knits

Speaking about spike and stud fashion – if you’re going for a total look or simply wish to enjoy this trend without having to purchase outerwear or footwear, you can always choose to wear your metal accents in a winter weather-friendly way! Yes, ladies, knits and studs are a match made in heaven so keep warm and keep chic by adding a few nicely embellished knits to your winter wardrobe.


With Denim

Embellish the back pockets of your jeans or cutoffs or get busy with the hot glue gun and a boring denim jacket you wouldn’t mind sprucing up a bit! Not in the mood for DIYs? No problem – there are plenty of ready-made designs to choose from! Studs and denim look amazing together and are pretty much a fool proof way to look amazing even if you tend to stick to the basics and prefer to leave heavy experimenting to someone else!


As a Total Look

Think Donatella Versace and all those curve-hugging dresses covered in studs! And, boy oh boy, won’t that come handy right now, with the New Year’s Eve party just around the corner! Worry not, as loving this urban trend doesn’t mean you’ll need to give up all of the glam! Studs and spikes are the new glam, actually, not to mention a great holiday idea for all of us who wouldn’t like to get stuck wearing sequins two years in a row! Go for a fancy, in your face, all over pattern in case you don’t mind the added bling or play it safe by opting for a dress with just a few studded details.

Any other ideas to help make wearing studs and spikes easier? Do share! These babies may seem like too much to handle at first but the effort does pay out!

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