7 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes ...


7 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes ...
7 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes ...

Do you ever find yourself trying to come up with ways to wear your boyfriend's clothes? I found that during college, I was often scrambling to get to class after sleeping too late at my boyfriend's apartment. Sometimes this would leave me with no time to go home and get ready, leaving me with the option of wearing the same clothes I had worn the night before or trying to find something my boyfriend owned to pass off instead. I came across a few fashion tips online that helped me to still look stylish in my boyfriend's oversized clothes. I'm going to share them with you all by listing 7 ways to wear your boyfriend's clothing!

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Layer up

Layer up Maybe the night before, you went out in a dress that is just too dressy a look to run out to the store or to class with. So instead, wear your dress again but pair it with a solid colored button down shirt your boyfriend owns. If you have one handy, add a fashion belt to make your outfit even more stylish and form fitting! This doesn't need to be used solely as one of the ways to wear your boyfriend's clothes, it can be an everyday outfit idea as well!


Embrace the Oversize

Embrace the Oversize Take your boyfriend’s henley or loose knit sweater and pair it with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. The baggy look of your boyfriend's top will offset any pair of form-fitting jeans or leggings. Plus, if you wake up after a night or drinking or take-out dinner, you may not feel the most confident wearing anything super tight anyway. Baggy clothes tend to give you a slimmer appearance, especially when paired with leg slimming clothes like the skinny jeans or leggings.


Tie up Button Downs

Tie up Button Downs This is probably one of the most creative ways to wear your boyfriend's clothes! Turn your boyfriend's plain, every-day dress shirt into a sexy tube top-like tunic! Simply unbutton the top buttons and put the shirt on with the collar being wrapped around your back. Then button it up so the front forms a sweetheart neckline. Grab the two shirt arms and wrap them in the front. Tie it in a bow and you have an adorable and unique look to go out in! If your boyfriend is much taller than you, it may even work out as a dress instead of a tunic.


Wear a Fedora

Wear a Fedora Did you wake up at your boyfriend's place having a bad hair day? Of course your boyfriend won't have the necessary girly hair tools to fix this, so why not borrow his fedora hat to hide your hair instead? Originally made for men, women have claimed and rocked the fedora look recently. Definitely more fashionable than trying to sport a fitted cap to hide your hair!


Pair a Plain T-Shirt with Jewelry

Pair a Plain T-Shirt with Jewelry Does your guy own a lot more T-shirts in his wardrobe than dress shirts? Then just throw one on with your skinny jeans or leggings. Make it more fashionable with some oversized feminine jewelry. It's a simple, comfortable, and classic look, and probably the easiest way to wear your boyfriend's clothes! Accessories and makeup can make all the difference in turning a boring outfit into something stylish.


Tie a Zip-up Hoodie

Tie a Zip-up Hoodie There's not much more you can do with a zip-up hoodie besides pairing it over a dress like I mentioned earlier with the button down. However, you can be a little more creative and tie your boyfriend's zip up hoodie in a knot with the ends tucked in. This way you can either choose to show a little bit of your stomach in a cute way or reveal a tight tank top underneath.


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans There's a reason why companies have produced lines of boyfriend fit jeans for women. They're both comfortable and fashionable! If you can manage to fit into your boyfriend's jeans on your own or with a belt, pair it with a tight tank top. If the jeans are too long, just cuff them at the bottoms. The best way to make any of your boyfriend's clothes work as a fashionable outfit is to have half the outfit baggy and half form fitting.

There's a certain confidence that comes along with a woman who can assert her femininity even when clothed in her boyfriend's clothing. It's seductive to see a woman throw on her boyfriend's shirt and look utterly, and effortlessly, sexy. Do you like wearing your boyfriend's clothing? Or do you even find yourself buying from the men's section in clothing stores? Feel free to add your own outfit ideas to the list! We want to know your favorite ways to wear your boyfriend's clothes!

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This is awesome! I LOVE men's clothing! I don't have boyfriend who can lend me his clothes at the moment, but I always buy from the men's section at Target and stuff; why aren't women's clothes made so comfortably? Can't wait to try out these tips!

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