7 Ways to Rock over-the-Knee Socks ...

In case you haven't noticed, over the knee socks have pretty much taken the fashion world by storm. The cool thing about this trend is that it can be worn in so many different (but equally fierce) ways on almost any occasion. The number one thing that I love about rocking these trendy pieces is the fact that they're sexy and slimming without feeling childish or overwhelming. Seriously, I think that their power totally lies in the fact that they can pretty much take any outfit to a whole other epic level with such little effort! These are just a few ways that rocking over the knee socks can up your streetstyle game; this also applies to the slightly longer but just as fabulous thigh high socks.

1. Comfy and Casual

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If you're going for a comfy but chic everyday look, over the knee socks can be the quickest fix to an otherwise plain outfit. British beauty and fashion goddess Alexa Chung is definitely a master of this style. You'll be amazed at just how well your shorts go with your ultra slimming socks. For bonus points, layer your already fabulous get-up with a sexy leather jacket.

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