14 Hilariously Relatable Fashion Quotes and Memes ...


14 Hilariously Relatable Fashion Quotes and Memes ...
14 Hilariously Relatable Fashion Quotes and Memes ...

When it comes to fashion and playing dress up, there are certain universal situations and quotes that almost all women can relate to. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or where you're from, these hilarious fashion quotes and memes will really hit home!

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If Wishes Were Horses...

If Wishes Were Horses... Am I the only one who has this thought? Wishes can come true, right? Is anyone listening? Scientists? God? Intergalactic aliens?


The phrase "If Wishes Were Horses..." is a common saying that suggests the idea of wishing for something that may seem impossible or unlikely to happen. In the context of the fashion industry, this saying can be interpreted as wishing for a certain style or trend to become popular or for a particular designer to create the perfect outfit. The image accompanying the quote shows a woman looking longingly at a pair of high heels, representing the desire for something that may be out of reach. This humorous and relatable quote speaks to the universal experience of wanting something that may not be attainable in the world of fashion.


Oh Murphy

Oh Murphy ALL THE TIME! And every time it happens, you promise to try harder and channel your inner Blair Waldorf or Carrie Bradshaw. But of course laziness prevails. Besides, who's got the time to put on something nice when you're just running to the store around the corner?


Want Vs Need

Want Vs Need Ah, the eternal struggle of want vs need. Whenever it gets too hard to justify a new buy, I just go with "You know what, I DESERVE a new dress". Why? Because I'm awesome and so are you.


Oh the Process

Oh the Process Why is dressing up so hard? Is there a manual one can buy? It's always the same. Frantically searching your wardrobe, shortlisting 20 things, trying them on, trying on matching shoes and accessories and so on. By the time you're ready to go, your room looks like a war zone. Of course you look fabulous and you feel even better, so it's all good.


Shirt "Dress"

Shirt "Dress" Haven't we all had that moment when you look at someone's "dress" and think "Did she forget her pants?". This is exactly why I steer clear of short shirt dresses.


Eternal Shoe Lust

Eternal Shoe Lust Yep, this is every woman, every time she sees a pair of shoes she likes.


Unwanted Opinion

Unwanted Opinion Pssh...what do they know.


Life Lessons

Life Lessons Amen!


Why do We do It?

Why do We do It? Oh this is so very true. Sorry boys!


Deep Dark Fears

Deep Dark Fears It's a very valid fear too. I mean, who wants to go through the troublesome process of deciding when you can repeat the exact same outfit without some jerk going "Oh didn't you just wear this the other day?"



Punctality I am a stickler for punctuality and I usually start getting dressed early but if it was a one OR the other situation, I'd go with late and looking great.


Flats Vs Heels

Flats Vs Heels Now that I'm almost 30, I find myself opting for comfortable footwear more often than I'd like, but I know there are plenty of women who can't imagine functioning without their high heels on.


Online Shopping!

Online Shopping! You had me at "no bra". Don't you just love the convenience of online shopping? Thank God for the internet!


And Finally...

And Finally... Now here's a conversation we've all had.
Significant Other: "Are you ready to go?"
You: "But I have nothing to wear!"
Significant Other: "What do you mean you have nothing to wear? Your closet is full of clothes and shoes!"
You: "Bah. Go away"

Which of these fashion quotes and memes did you identify with most? Tell us!

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Love it

Is there something wrong with the ap? I keep getting the same push up notification telling me I can change my life? Er, I'm ok thanks!!

Very funny and true! LOL

Totally connect to some of these! Haha

Specially the one - I have nothing to wear!! LOL

Do anyone know how to unrepost? 😂

Perfect article!

True !N yeah me too have nothing to wear😂😂

Haha these are totally relatable. Especially the "I have nothing to wear"

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