15 Fabulous Fashion Infographics You Will Love ...


If you're someone who has a passion for fashion then you will love these fabulous fashion infographics. With the January sales upon us, now is the time to brush up on our fashion vocabulary and these fashion infographics are sure to help.

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Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Don'ts One of the best fashion infographics is this one, which gives hints and tips on what to wear and what to avoid when the temperature rises. From crop tops to maxi dresses, it's a helpful infographic to help you when you just don't know what to wear or how to wear it.


Fake Fashion

Fake Fashion Want to know how to spot fake fashion? Some people save for years to buy that delicious designer item and many fall into the trap of buying online, only to find that the designer gear they thought was the real deal is in fact a fake. Avoid the disappointment by buying from a reputable retailer or if you're buying second hand, study this infographic so that you can spot the signs of fakery.


Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearls Every woman needs a classic set of pearls as they add a super chic edge to any look; Chanel told us so! Check out this infographic for hints and tips on what to look for when you're investing in this classic piece of jewelry.


This One's for the Guys

This One's for the Guys I know there are many guys who read AWS, so this one's for you! This infographic gives you a little helping hand when it comes to the wardrobe department.


What Suits Me?

What Suits Me? If you want to know what suits you then this is the infographic for you. Sometimes it's difficult to tell what actually suits your body shape. If you don't have your best pal in tow on a shopping trip then this infographic will help you decide what styles and shapes are best for you.


Wonderful Wardrobe

Wonderful Wardrobe If you have a constipated wardrobe that is in desperate need of organizing then this infographic is perfect for you. January is the time when it's out with the old and in with the new, so what better time to check out this infographic and have a new year wardrobe audit?!


Style Your Body Shape

Style Your Body Shape Here is another great infographic to help you if you're unsure about what suits your body shape.


So Many Shoes!

So Many Shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes - or handbags, for that matter - and this infographic is a fabulous, illustrative guide to the wonder of footwear. With so many styles and shapes to choose from, you can use it as a checklist to ensure that your collection is stocked with at least one of these styles.


Your Guide to Handbags

Your Guide to Handbags If you love shoes then you're sure to love handbags too. The two obsessions often go hand in hand. This guide to handbags is your go to infographic if you're not sure about the names of certain bags. Go ahead, brush up on your bag vocab!


Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding This infographic about Indian jewelry for weddings is great. I've certainly learnt a few things from this one!


Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Don't know your bowler from your boater? Here is another wonderful infographic to help you add to your expanding fashion vocabulary.



Necklines Here is another infographic to help you when you're next in the store and you need to ask a sales assistant for a particular type of top with a particular type of neckline.


Beautiful Bras

Beautiful Bras I must say, bras are not my favorite undergarment - I find them far too restrictive. This is another informative infographic to help you make the right bra choices for your size and shape.



Color As well as the style and fit of the garment, you will also need to know which colors suit you best. This infographic gives helpful hints and tips on finding out what colors suit you best.



Scarves This helpful infographic will show you how to tie scarves in a number of different ways. Helpful indeed when the weather is this chilly!

These are just a few useful infographics. Which is your favorite one?

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