7 Ways to Wear Stripes and Make Them Work ...


7 Ways to Wear Stripes and Make Them Work ...
7 Ways to Wear Stripes and Make Them Work ...

Now I warn you, although these are all ways to wear stripes, you will still need to search. Every ‘body’ will look different in a striped dress as every ‘body’ is obviously different. If you are going to take part in this trend, you are going to need to shop and search hard for that one item that works for you. Make sure to try on many different styles to find the item that best flatters your body and your style. There are many ways to wear stripes, but below are the ones I find easiest to ease into.

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Accessorize with Stripes

Accessorize with Stripes If you aren’t sure about wearing stripes in clothing, then try sporting them in the form of a great purse or scarf. Adding a graphic punch to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to wear stripes; it will add a fun factor and make your outfit interesting. Look for an unexpected combination, like a bright red and white striped scarf or a large colorful striped bag.


Long and Tight

Long and Tight Long skinny stripes can help elongate your figure and make you look skinnier. A tight, striped blouse looks great with a tight pair of black pants and high black heels. This will draw people’s attention down and make your frame look taller and thinner. Pants or skirts with vertical stripes are flattering, especially paired with a solid coloured top or bottom.


Striped T-shirt

Striped T-shirt This is a great way to wear the stripes that you love while still being appropriate and classic. Pair a black and white striped shirt with a pair of red pants and black flats. Make sure you try on several styles of the shirt to make sure it flatters your body. Thicker stripes can be better on some people, whereas thin stripes are better for others, so it is very much ‘to each their own.’


Bold Striped Dress

Bold Striped Dress This piece in your wardrobe will add a bit of fun. You’ll find that if you are going to go big with a striped maxi, you’ll need to try on a couple different styles. My favourite one would be a tight maxi with stripes formed into a V facing down. This will draw the eye down and make your body look very slim. Also, it will make your butt look big!


Hints of Stripes

Hints of Stripes Just because you want to wear stripes doesn’t mean you have to go all out. There are tons of shirts that have stripes on the sleeves, or around the neck. This is a great touch of fun while still staying away from the major pattern. This goes with accessories too. Try getting a bag that is striped on the handles and not the whole thing, or a pair of shoes that are striped.

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Striped VERTICAL Pants, NOT Horizontal

Striped VERTICAL Pants, NOT Horizontal For those bold ladies who want to go all out with this trend, wear some Beetlejuice pants. Although people make fun of these with that term, I think they look great on ladies. With a plain t or a great black blazer, this look can be super cute. Make sure to pair these pants with a high heel to elongate the stripes even more.


Striped Cropped Sweater

Striped Cropped Sweater This is the cutest look with a pair of high waisted shorts this summertime. If the night gets a tad cool, try adding a striped sweater to the look. This can be done either vertically or horizontally. Since the sweater is cropped, it is already flattering your midsection and the stripes will just be extra.

Stripes don’t have to be scary and offensive; in fact, they are super flattering. Don’t be afraid of looking like you went to prison, as stripes can be easily done in a chic and fashionable way. They can be challenging to pull off, and I think people shy away because of that. With a little motivation and challenge in mind, these can be cute! What way do you wear stripes? Do you find that they work for you?

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Striped tops really classy

Love the stripe clothing

I have a strip addiction.

They r good only if u know how to wear them other its aaaaa kinda clownesh in my opinion

Love stripes

*other wise

The "Prison Inmate" look can be surprisingly effective at disguising dodgy areas

Where's the outfit for number 7 from?

Kate spade too have many stripes mode

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