7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Fitted Skirt ...


7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Fitted Skirt ...
7 Super Cute Ways to Wear a Fitted Skirt ...

I’ve had a fitted skirt in my wardrobe for weeks that I just don’t know how to wear. I bought it because the model looked super-cute, but actually styling it myself seemed a challenge too far – until recently. A friend showed me a few cute outfits, and since then, it’s become my wardrobe staple. I wear it at least twice a week. Need a fall wardrobe update? Grab a fitted skirt, and try these super chic ways to wear it:

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Go Teenage…

Go Teenage… Okay, so the first fitted skirt look I tried was a bit of a nightmare, but I got so many compliments that I’ve done it regularly, and on purpose, since. I got covered in off milk in a supermarket accident. It smelt bad. The only thing I had in my car? The fitted skirt, and a friend’s teenage son’s top. Well, I felt like an idiot driving home like that, but so many people complimented me on it, and it was pretty damn comfortable. Now I’ve bought some similar tops that fit just a bit better, in coordinating colors, and it’s a great casual look.


Add Denim…

Add Denim… Have you been eyeing up those loose denim shirts that seem to be everywhere at the moment? I especially love the faded denim ones. They have a really vintage feel to them, but I just couldn’t find a way to wear them. Until I tried one with my skirt, that is. The skirt is just smart enough to wear with a white T and an open denim shirt, and I love adding a colorful necklace in, too. It’s a great showcase for my new jewelry!


Just Add Music…

Just Add Music… Got a favorite concert T-shirt? Try wearing it with a fitted skirt. It dresses the whole thing down, but worn with a cute bracelet and loose hair, it’s pretty perfect as an everyday look. It’s comfortable and flattering, and it’s a really cute way to show off your amazing taste in music.


Get Suited…

Get Suited… A skirt suit = gorgeous. Seriously. Whether it’s an important work meeting, cocktails with the girls or you just feel like looking amazing, definitely give this look a try. Delicate jewelry and heels are optional extras!


Colorful Shoes…

Colorful Shoes… Do you have a closet full of shoes? If you do, I’ll bet you have at least one bold pair that you don’t know what to wear with. Well, try wearing them with your fitted skirt. Whatever their color, add them to your fitted skirt and a classic T-shirt, and keep the rest of your look simplistic. A low ponytail and loose wrist gets the relaxed look for me, and a lashing of lip gloss is a great finishing touch. It’s low key, but the color pop of your shoes makes it exciting and quirky.


Make a Dress…

Make a Dress… I found a top in the exact same color as my skirt the other day. No, really. The shade is just perfect. I had to buy it – and then I wondered when on earth I’d wear it. The answer? Together, with a belt around the middle. It turns my skirt into a really cute dress, and makes it doubly wearable.


Modesty Piece…

Modesty Piece… I saw this online somewhere, and it stuck with me, so last week when I tried on a slightly-too-short blue dress I thought I’d give it a go. Instead of putting the dress back, I tried wearing it with my fitted skirt underneath. The bottom inch or so shows, but the contrasting colors look really cute, and I don’t have to be worried about the dress flying up. It’s really cute, and a great way to rock a fitted skirt.

I’m totally on the hunt for another cute fitted skirt now. I’m a little fussy about colors and styles (being short, it has to be right!) but it’s so worth finding the right one. Will you be trying any of these styles? Let me know!

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#4 is so interesting!!!

I have three fitted skirts I love, but always struggle with dressing them down. This helped so much!

I love this article.

Any advice on how to wear a fitted skirt with a tee tucked in w/o having it look like you\'re oddly bloated because of the tucked in shirt??

#1 is so cute :)

Very helpful!

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