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7 Ways to Weatherproof an Outfit ...

By Sophia

Knowing how to weatherproof an outfit is a great way to be prepared for what the elements can throw at you. I’m sure we’ve all walked out the door at the beginning of the day in an outfit only to realise later on that it wasn’t the best choice for what the weather had in store. From keeping an umbrella handy to getting creative with your layers, there are plenty of ways to weatherproof an outfit. The following are just a few tips to help you do so.

1 Carry Back up

If you’re looking to weatherproof an outfit, always carry back up. If you think the weather might turn for the worst, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If there’s a chance of rain, pack an umbrella or waterproof parka. If the weather looks like it might cool down, bring a cardigan or scarf just in case. If it looks like the wind might pick up, avoid wearing that flowy skirt. It may just save you a lot of hassle down the track.

2 Waterproof Your Leather

Protect your precious leather shoes, jackets, and bags by waterproofing them regularly. Apply a waterproofing spray before you use them for the first time and continue to apply it on a regular basis. While it may not waterproof your accessories entirely, it will help them last longer in the face of bad weather.

3 Wear Layers

Too hot? Too cold? Not sure how the rest of the day is going to pan out? You can easily adjust your outfit to the conditions by wearing thin, light layers. That way you can add or subtract layers to suit the temperature. It might come in handy, for example, if you’ll be switching from air conditioned spaces to the outdoors.

4 Cover up

Protect your main outfit by wearing something over the top that will cover it up. Things like long coats, capes, and large shawls are all useful for protecting your outfit. It’ll keep any light rain off your outfit and keep the wind from messing it up. When you get to your destination, store your cover up away or check it into a cloak room.

5 Secure Loose Ends

Prevent any outfit dramas by securing any stray pieces. For example, you could tighten your coat around the waist or wear it buttoned up to stop it from flapping open in the wind and messing up your outfit. Or make sure that your hat is firmly on your head, unless you want it to blow off in any sudden gust of wind (alternatively you could just ditch the hat and go for something more fitted like a beanie).

6 Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric can really make a difference when it comes to weatherproofing an outfit. For example, on a rainy day you should probably leave the wool and suede at home, unless you can guarantee they won’t get wet. Wool can take ages to dry when wet and water can easily ruin anything suede. On windy days, avoid light and flowing fabrics as they can easily whip about in the wind.

7 Shoe Matters

Make sure that your shoes are weather appropriate. Check that the soles of your shoes have enough tread, so that you don’t slip in the rain or on uneven surfaces. If you’ll be walking long distances in extreme weather, like rain or snow, wear suitable boots and then change into your ‘nice’ shoes once you arrive at your destination.

Next time you’re unsure of how to dress for the weather, keep these tips in mind. They might just save your day! Do you have any tips for weatherproofing your outfit?

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