8 Adorable Animal Motif Sweaters ...


Animal motif sweaters are a fun and fearless way to wear your love for cute creatures on your sleeve!

If you’ve rocked leopard print one too many times this season, consider going the whimsical route with kitty, mouse, bunny, and bear patterns (and more!).

Whether you’re planning a shopping trip with the girls or spending a day at the internship, animal motif sweaters can be dressed up or down.

Quirky-cool has never been so easy to achieve!

1. Trot of You Today Sweater

Trot of You Today Sweater

As far as animal motif sweaters go, this haute horse print is a cozy way to show off your love for the stables.

Pair it with a flared skirt, opaque black tights, and oxford heels for a sweet but sleek party look.

Need it now?

Trot on over to ModCloth, where the sweater sells for $69.99.

2. A Little Bit Bunny Cardigan in Grass

A Little Bit Bunny Cardigan in Grass

Calling all nerdy girls!

If you’re proud of earning straight As and spending one too many hours in the library, you’ll geek out (again!) at the sight of this bespectacled bunny.

Wear it with skinny jeans, a white tank, and a satchel bag for a look that’s effortlessly geek-chic!

Find this sweater now on ModCloth for $64.99.

3. The Cats of Friends Sweater

The Cats of Friends Sweater

If you’re known as the cat lady within your group of pals, this sweater is sure to spark smiles and giggles all around!

Wear it with a colorful skirt and your favorite booties for a purr-worthy shopping look.

You can find this fabulous feline pick over on ModCloth for $49.99.2

4. Penguin Sweater

Penguin Sweater

Celebrate the winter season with a cozy (and uber cute!) penguin sweater.

After one look at this little guy, you’ll forget how much you hate trudging through the snow.

Isn’t it simply perfect for lounging around the house, a cup of hot cocoa in hand?

Get this sweater now on Forever21 for $22.80.

Soft Owl Pullover Sweater
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