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Although school's already in session, it's common to keep rolling out adorable back-to-school outfits for the first two months – you don't start getting bored and over it until sometime after Homecoming, right?2

So although you've likely already put together a fab look for your very first day back, you can still find tons of fun summer-to-fall inspiration for all your new back-to-school outfits.

Let me know if you find a look you love, and if you're favorite type of ensemble isn't listed here, don't forget to share!

1. Cool but Casual


Via 15 Street Style Outfit Ideas ...

Striped top, skinny jeans, epic boots, a killer bag, and the right accessories – this is one of the most classic back-to-school outfits you'll find!2

2. Love That Leather

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Via shopstyle.com

A little leather can go a long way, especially in the first months of school.

Are you stocked up with a leather jacket or some skinnies?2

3. Summer Throwback


Via sazan.me

If you're loathe to retire all your summer clothes, start mixing and matching!

Fall is still a lovely time for neons!

4. Funky Flannel


Via StO-Style: Fashion Focus - Flannel

A little flannel will take you far in the fall.

5. The Layered Look


Via Outfits

You can never go wrong with a layered look, and you'll see many on this list.2

This outfit layers a cardigan and an infinity scarf over a graphic tee and leggings.

6. Laid-Back

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Via Laid back

Seriously, you can't go wrong with striped tops.

Use a scarf to subtly mix your patterns.

7. Riding Pretty


Via Clothes Casual Outift for β€’ ...

Loving this equestrian inspired look!

8. Dress for Success


Via fineandfeathered.com

How cute is this little dress?

The stockings and cardigans add some texture and color, helping to create an adorable vintage vibe.2

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