7 Amazing Fashion and Beauty Websites You Have to Check out ...


If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with fashion and beauty websites.2

Whenever I open my computer I automatically check out my fav sites and shop the latest trends.

Whether you want to shop or simply just browse, the below fashion and beauty websites are a must.

Let's go!

1. Refinery29

While getting your blog fix by reading various articles on fashion and beauty, you also get inside news on the latest fashion updates.2

I am sure you have read this site before, but if not, you are really missing out!

As one of the top fashion blogs ever, this is a must have in your favorites file...

after AWS, of course!

It's absolutely one of my favorite fashion and beauty websites!

2. Style.com

Are you a lover of the runway?

This is THE website to check out for the latest runway photos and street style to die for.2

I always check out this site when a new collection comes and I dreamโ€ฆ dream of one day owning anything high fashion!

Which design house would I want to own first?

I'm not sure...


3. Mdgjewellery.blogspot.ca

This Canadian born jewellery designer is now living and loving life in London, England.

Everything is made by hand and you can choose form an array of silver and gold pieces.2

From rings to vintage watches made new, this website is a one stop shop to every piece of jewellery you need...

and then some!

4. 29Secrets.com

Fashion, beauty, relationships and wellness is what you can find on this Canadian website.

This site offers great advice on various issues and even gives you insights into the fashion world you really can't get anywhere else!

5. Vogue.com

I meanโ€ฆ who hasnโ€™t looked at this site before?

Although this is a given, it is still amazing.

Not only is Vogue, well Vogue, but it also has a great inside look on the lives of celebs.

Being at every party, Vogue produces the best behind the scenes photos of our face style icons.

I love scanning the photos to see who's wearing who and what they'll all doing!

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