7 Fashion Tips on Pulling off a Casual Chic Style ...


Casual chic style is a great everyday option for ladies who, despite their busy schedules, aren’t willing to give up looking gorgeous every single day! But, what does dressing casual chic mean? Well, this style enables you to put together your comfiest pieces of wardrobe, have fun dressing them up with various accessories and go out both looking and feeling great! Sounds interesting? Well, check out these following few fashion tips on how to achieve it:

1. Accessorize

Hats, sunglasses, scarves, belts and hair accessories do make a huge difference and are something you should focus on in case you’re interested in adopting this fun, yet hassle-free style!

Accessorize a relatively basic outfit and watch it transform from “standard” into something you’d expect to see your favorite fashion blogger in.

Casual chic style is always trendy, remember that!

2. Say “YES” to Flats

Dressing casual chic doesn’t mean that you have to give up heels although I must admit flats do fit in perfectly and are a great way to give those legs a break. Trendy boots will complete your winter look while nice ballet flats and interesting sandals allow you to look great and feel comfy during warmer months. And yes, you can be chic and girly and dressy in flats too – it took me a while to realize that but I’m happy that I finally did.

3. Bling It up a Notch

Ah, the power of jewelry!

Now I don’t need to tell you that every outfit (except the one you’d wear for a gym, of course) looks best when accessorized with appropriate jewelry – do I?

Well, this particular style is based on relatively simple main pieces so you should definitely experiment with different statement pieces all depending on how “dressy” you want your look to be!

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