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Don’t fret about dressing with style on a low budget! It’s much easier than you think. I’ve had to dress cute and fashionable on a budget since I was 15 and first started working. I started buying all my own clothes at this age, and besides gifts, I continue to do this to this day. I have also never had large amounts of money to spend on clothes, and have had to be pretty resourceful. Believe me, I wouldn’t buy pricey name brands now if you paid me to! I enjoy finding cute clothes that last a long time that are budget buys. There’s nothing better than that, and also having plenty of money to spend on something else. Want my tips for dressing with style on a low budget? Check them out below and let me know if you have any of your own to share!

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Try Consignment Shops

When I was a teen, consignment shops were one of my first stops for dressing with style on a low budget. For starters, many people I knew, including myself, sold clothes to consignment shops, so I knew the clothes would be cute. You also needn’t worry about someone knowing you bought it there. For starters, who cares, and secondly, they won’t know if you bought it there or the local mall. Most consignment shops only carry the absolute latest trends, not older fashioned stuff. I like this idea better than thrift stores because they’re more selective about their inventory and keeping it up to date. The bonus is getting inexpensive clothes that are in style and lightly worn.


Shop Superstores

Can I tell you a secret? My favorite places to shop these days are Wal-mart, Target and TJ Maxx. I have no shame in this either! I love saving money and all these stores now carry designer name brands, not just unknown brands that don’t fit or last. Walmart now carries my favorite brand of LEI jeans, and Target’s Mossimo line is one of my favorite. I always hit up TJ Maxx when I want a good budget buy that’s super trendy from top designers. I’ve found $400 bags at T.J. Max for under $50 and tops for as low as $6 or $7. Being frugal is about being honest. If the clothes are cute, long-lasting, and fashionable, do you really care where they come from?


Spend Smart

Another tip for dressing with style on a budget is to spend your money smartly. I don’t shop for “outfits” anymore, but instead buy separate items like jeans, tops, skirts and pants that I can easily mix and match together. I get more outfits for my money and I also buy bags that match multiple colors. This is probably why my favorite colors are all neutrals, but you can also easily find bright colored items that pair well together too. Instead of shopping for outfits, make your money last by shopping for multiple individual pieces you can mix and match yourself. I sort of enjoy coming up with new combinations anyway!


Versatile Jewelry

Now, let’s not forget accessories when it comes to shopping on a budget. Choosing versatile jewelry that you can match with anything is key. I like silvers, golds, blacks and copper shades of jewelry for this very reason. I’m also not afraid to buy jewelry at superstores, dollar stores, or even from my friends. It’s the best way to get cute jewelry at a cheap price. Let that cute boyfriend of yours buy you something nicer for a gift instead. otherwise, save your money. You can still look fashionable and not spend tons of money on accessories. Some of my favorite earrings that I get the most compliments on are ones that I paid a measly $3-4 for.


Think outside the Box

When you're learning to shop for cute clothes on a budget, you should remember to think outside the box a little. Don't just automatically opt to pay top dollar for an item. Ask the sales associate if there are any sales going on, or any coupons they might have at their counter to share with you. Also, don't automatically assume you have to shop at thrift stores to save money. Try thinking about other sources mentioned here, or even browsing the clothes department at lower cost stores. You'd be surprised what gems you can find in the most uncommon places. In fact, I've got a pair of sunglasses that people comment on every time I wear them, and I paid $5 for them at the dollar store! No, they're not designer, or even fake designer shades, but they are trendy, versatile, and fit my face well.


Sign up for Online Deals

Another tip for shopping for stylish items on a budget is to sign up for online deals. I go to all my favorite stores' websites, sign up for their newsletter. I’m automatically emailed coupons that aren’t released to the public and notified of upcoming deals before they hit stores. This way, I can prepare, and plan my budget accordingly, and get a hold of amazing deals.


Consider Online Outlets

Amazon.com is a great online shopping website, as is Jane.com. I use both of these pretty frequently, and watch sales to score new items that are in style, and low cost. Try it for yourself and see! Just be warned: online shopping is addictive, so don’t blow your budget or good intentions in the meantime!

Lastly, I’d like to add that you should always make a clothes budget and stick to it before implementing any of these tips. That will save you from impulse buys, or what I call “emotional shopping” that happens when we’re stressed or in a good mood and blow our budgets on a whim. Do you have any more tips for dressing with style on a budget?

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Mossimo is the best!

1 buy online 2 buy in solde after big event or a the end of a season 3 buy cloth in the back of shop 4 create cloth 5 create new cloth with a old 6 in every season have the same kind of cloth you found in big brand you can also see in cheap shop 7 china have alot of fake cloth look like real

@Maxence Arsenault, a

Try Diesel, Louboutin , Prada, Forever21, Sns.

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