7 Fashion Tips to Hide Your Muffin Top ...

If you deal with a bit of a tummy then youโ€™re most likely on the lookout for tips to hide your muffin top.

While muffin top may be a cute name, itโ€™s not a cute thing to have, as those of us that have battled one know.

While youโ€™re working on losing it, these tips to hide your muffin top can keep it out of sight so no one knows about it but you.

1. Go for Mid-Rise Jeans

Go for Mid-Rise Jeans

One of the great tips to hide your muffin top is to change your jeans style.

A popular jeans style today is the low rise jean.

While theyโ€™re a great choice if you donโ€™t have a tummy, theyโ€™re really not the right jeans when youโ€™re trying to hide a muffin top.

Wearing a low rise jean will encourage your muffin top to spill over.

Go for midrise jeans instead.

Itโ€™ll help camouflage the areas you donโ€™t want noticed without giving you the look of horrible mom jeans.

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