17 Hot Weather Woes Every Cute Curvy Girl Goes through ...

So, it's summer.

It's not calendar summer yet, maybe, but as I write this, the thermometer on my back porch reads 110 degrees.

If you're a full-figured girl, you know what that means.

You know what's coming.

Curvy girls experience some things in the summertime.

The heat, the humidity, and the sweat those two things cause are not often kind to thick women.

That being said, although most curvy girls experience these hot weather woes, I'm sure every woman is familiar with at least a few of them.

1. The Burning, Fiery Horror That is Chub Rub

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Chub rub is horrible.

It is so painful.

It leaves you walking like you've just been riding a horse for twenty-four hours, and the first time you take a bath or shower after you have a bad case of it?


Being Unable to Wear Skirts or Dresses until the Chub Rub Heals