How to Get the Most out of the Clothes You Already Have ...


Be honest - do you have enough clothes to start your own shop?

Or do you need to tighten your financial belt and avoid buying new clothes?

Whether you need to economise or simply have so many clothes that your closet is protesting, you almost certainly already have everything you need in your wardrobe.

So how do you make the most of the clothes you've already got?

Here's how to make your existing wardrobe work for you …

1. Take an Inventory

Begin by taking an inventory of your closets.

You can't make the most of the clothes you already have if you don't know what's in there!

I can guarantee that there are garments you've forgotten about, and maybe clothes you've still not worn.

Once you know what you've got, you can start putting outfits together (and discarding those that don't suit or fit you).

What do You Wear Most?
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