25 Light Spring Jackets You'll Go Crazy for ...


Spring is a fun time for style, but it can also be tricky.

You can never be too sure what the weather's going to be like, which means that light jackets are necessary a lot of the time.2

If you're having trouble finding jackets that are perfect for spring, you've come to the right place!

1. Army Jacket

Army Jacket
Via glamradar.com

Army jackets are probably a staple in your fall wardrobe by now, but make it a part of your spring wardrobe as well with this cute look!

2. Go Distressed with a Tailored Jacket

Go Distressed with a Tailored Jacket
Via Womenโ€™s Clothing | Fashion Careers

If you prefer a distressed look, try something like this before tying the entire look together with this white, tailored jacket.

3. Wear Your Kimono

Wear Your Kimono
Via 20 Style Tips On How

Kimonos are usually reserved for summer outfits, but instead, use it in your spring wardrobe as a light spring jakcet!

4. Bright Pink Blazer

Bright Pink Blazer
Via Cute Outfit Ideas for Valentines

Not only is this bright pink blazer adorable and the perfect spring jacket, but the stripes on the slightly rolled up sleeves are so chic!

5. Light Trench Coat

Light Trench Coat

I think we can all agree that a light trench coat is a spring staple.

6. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow
Via Tran-seasonal trendsetter: The dos and

Looking to go bold?

Look no further than this bright yellow blazer!2

7. White on White

White on White
Via glamradar.com

Don't get me wrong, a white blazer is definitely a spring staple, but paired with a white t-shirt it instantly becomes a gorgeous and chic look!

8. Simple Blazer

Simple Blazer
Via Womenโ€™s Clothing | Fashion Careers

I love that this looks like it's just a simple, neutral blazer, but if you look closely, it looks as though the rolled-up sleeves have a little glitter accent to them!

Pastel Pink Jacket
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