9 Lovely Paris Themed Clothing Finds That Are Très Chic ...


When it comes to Paris themed clothing, I must admit that I am deeply influenced by the timeless glamour of this magnificent capital.

There is something about the very essence of this beautiful city that makes it so easy to fall in love with its culture.

By observing French fashion trends, I have been able to learn about diverse wardrobe elements and the best way to incorporate them into my own eclectic style.

These lovely Paris themed clothing finds will give you the perfect excuse to find your inner Frenchie.

1. Hot Topic Hot Pink Knit Beret

Hot Topic Hot Pink Knit Beret

The whimsical nature of a bright beret is completely swoon-worthy, making it one of the loveliest Paris themed clothing finds.

Knit berets are definitely my latest obsession.

Despite being around for a substantial amount of time (leading to being included in many clichés surrounding French fashion), it still manages to maintain its stylish qualities.

The fact that the beret is seen as a classic French icon alone makes it a staple for the fall season.

2. Modcloth Postcard from Paris Top

Modcloth Postcard from Paris Top

Am I the only one who finds this postage stamp print utterly fantastic?

I have been eying this gem for quite some time now;

with its thin but sturdy material, the loose fit makes it really comfortable to wear.

The best part about this top is that its charcoal grey color is extremely flattering!

To make this look pop, pair this shirt with a flirty skirt and cherry red belt.

3. Urban Outfitters DV by Dolce Vita Alishia Polka Dot Dress

Urban Outfitters DV by Dolce Vita Alishia Polka Dot Dress

The classic A-line dress is definitely another trend that is popular in Paris.

In a post providing tips on dressing appropriately for a Paris theme party, eHow contributor Kat Consador stated that the "words 'French' and 'fashion' share more than the same first letter [...] For French women, it's not what they wear, but how they wear it.

They never let the dress wear them." I feel that this beautiful dress directly embodies this message.

Modcloth Salut Your Shirt! Top
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