10 Super Simple Tips to Look More Feminine ...


Do you feel like starting the fall season differently this time and youโ€™re looking for ways to look more feminine?

There are some really easy ways to add some girly touches to your everyday look without having to wear a dress!

Sure, dresses can instantly make you look ladylike but there are tons of other ways to add flirty and feminine touches without feeling like youโ€™re trying too hard!

1. Wear Clothes That Fit

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Sounds easy enough, the way to look more feminine is to wear clothes that fit!

Donโ€™t get the wrong idea though;

you donโ€™t have to go super tight in order to achieve a more feminine silhouette.

The key is wear clothes that arenโ€™t so loose that your frame is lost in all the fabric while subtly accentuating your shape.

If you have extra money and have some clothing that you love but they just donโ€™t fit your body right, consider getting them tailored.

Itโ€™s not often that someone buys something off the rack that happens to fit like a glove!

2. Wear Simple Jewelry

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A simple tip to look more girly is to put on some jewelry!

Think of delicate bracelets or drop or girly stud earrings to dress up casual looks.

You can easily get some cute and on-trend pieces from discount stores to pair with everyday looks that can transform even the plainest outfit.

Look for pieces that catch your eye or you might even consider enrolling in a monthly service like JewelMint where you create a style profile and you get personalized jewelry choices each month so picking out your jewels is that much easier!

3. Brighten Things up

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Integrating bright colors into your wardrobe is another painless way to look feminine.

Embrace color and try out brightly colored shoes, bottoms, tops, or bags.2

Even if you hate pink or red, there are still many other bright colors that are fashionable and feminine.

For fall, try out jewel tones like amethyst or emerald and you might even find that you can rock red or pink ruby tones since they arenโ€™t the classic bright red or pinks youโ€™re opposed to!

Wear a Fragrance
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