8 Ways to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night ...


8 Ways to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night ...
8 Ways to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night ...

There are plenty of ways to take an outfit from day to night in an instant. Sometimes a full outfit change just isn’t going to happen, so a few alterations need to be made to update your outfit for the evening. It could be adding a few pieces of jewellery to subtracting an item of clothing. No matter if you’ve been at work, school, or home all day, these are just a few ways to take an outfit from day to night.

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Wear Versatile Pieces

Before you even get dressed in the morning, take the time to think about what pieces are versatile enough to take you from day to night. Things like a plain black dress, cigarette pants, and jeans are all items that can be dressed up or down. When it comes to ways to take an outfit from day to night, the more versatile the piece, the easier it will be to style.


Slip on Chandelier Earrings

Statement earrings are really having a trending moment right now. So, hop on board the trend train and accessorise your everyday outfit with some stunning chandelier earrings. When worn with a fitted dress or silk blouse and skirt, this look can take you from corporate to cocktail in a matter of seconds!


Layer Your Jewellery

When looking at ways to take an outfit from day to night, jewellery generally plays an important role. I usually wear minimal jewellery during the day, but stack it on at night. Keep a few necklaces or bracelets, whichever you prefer, stashed away in your handbag or at work and layer them on to glam up your outfit.


Slip on a Statement Jacket

If your work or school outfits usually consists of basic looking clothing, pep up your look with a statement-making jacket at night. Take your pick from brightly coloured, printed, or embellished jackets! A fitted blazer would look great worn over a blouse and slim trousers, while bomber styles are great for working a more casual look.


Switch Your Handbag

Changing your handbag is just one of the simpler ways to take an outfit from day to night. Ditch the roomy tote for a colourful clutch or glitzy side bag instead. Storing all your essentials together in a pouch will also make it easier to transition your things between bags, so nothing gets lost in transit!


Switch up Your Shoes

When you’re looking for a way to take an outfit from day to night, consider switching your shoes. Trade in your flats for some sexy stilettos or swap your neutral pumps for a pair of strappy heels. It also helps if you have a place to stash your other pair of shoes so you don’t have to carry them in your handbag for the rest of the night!


Show Some Skin

Most work environments are quite conservative when it comes to clothing. Wear a slinky camisole underneath your blouse that you can reveal once the work day is over, or get crafty with some safety pins and transform that knee-length full skirt into a mini bubble skirt!


Refresh Your Makeup

If you’ve got a little bit more time, a few touch ups in the form of liquid liner or lipstick can make all the difference in updating your look. You won’t always have the time (or patience) to re-do an entire face of makeup so something like a brightly coloured lipstick will do the trick instead.

As long as you’re not limited to wearing a uniform, these ways to take an outfit from day to night will hopefully make the transition that little bit easier. They’re just some things to keep in mind when you’re on the go! What’s your best way to take an outfit from day to night?

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