8 Techniques for Pulling off Geek Chic ...


I adore the geek chic look, mainly because I myself am a total geek, but have totally been chic from birth. I've been geek chic out the womb, yo. (As you can tell by such statements, I am clearly more β€œgeek” than β€œchic.”) But anyway! The style is all the rage right now, so I thought I'd help with some tips and techniques for pulling off geek chic style!

1. Geek Chic Glasses

Geek Chic Glasses

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One of the best techniques for pulling off geek chic involves the simple addition of the appropriate glasses. If you already wear glasses, you're pretty much golden. If not, don't worry – you hardly need a prescription! For that matter, if your real glasses aren't geek chic enough, you can pop in your contacts and buy yourself some awesome fake frames.

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