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Rainy Day Gear to Stow in Your Closet for Spring ...

By Eliza

Spring often brings rainy weather, but that doesn't mean you have to leave the house in ugly rain boots and an icky waterproof jacket. You can brave a rainy day and still look as cute as ever by stocking your closet with the right gear. Here's everything you need to look fantastic even when the skies are dumping outside. Happy spring!

1 Adorable Rain Boots

Adorable Rain
You won't be able to help looking totally awesome when you wear these rain boots.

2 Comfy Rain Shoes

Comfy Rain
Need something a little less flashy? These are comfy and waterproof.

3 Tall Rain Boots

Tall Rain
Expecting some big puddles? These are the boots you totally need.

4 Perfect Yellow Coat

Perfect Yellow
Could anything be more perfect for a rainy day?

6 Keep Your Hair Dry
It's not cheap, but can you really put a price tag on a great hair day even when it's raining?

7 The Perfect T-shirt

The Perfect
Show off your love of perfect rainy days with this cute t-shirt.

8 Floral Raincoat

Want something stylish, but warm and dry? Here it is!

Cute, aren't they?

10 Sunny Yellow Umbrella

Sunny Yellow
Fans of "How I Met Your Mother" will know why a yellow umbrella is such a great thing to have.

11 Waterproof Handbag

Keep all of your most important things dry and safe with this cute and quirky bag.

12 Rain Sandals

Not feeling boots? These sandals are totally waterproof.

13 Rain or Shine Umbrella

Rain or Shine
You'll stay warm and dry while also looking stylish when you carry this umbrella.

14 Cute Rain Bucket Hat

Cute Rain Bucket
You'll never have to worry about bad hair on a rainy day ever again.

15 Bright Red Umbrella

Bright Red
Expect to turn some heads when you tote this umbrella around on a rainy day.

16 Super Stylish Bag
It's stylish and waterproof! What more could a girl ask for?

17 Cute Little Polka Dots
You will totally love this adorable umbrella!

Which ones do you want to wear this spring?

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