7 Fabulous Tips on How to Dress if You Are Short ...

I spent a good chunk of my life learning how to dress if you are short, and I'm sure the same is true for many of my petite sisters. I used to loathe being short, but in recent years I've come to embrace it. Call me a hobbit; I love anything that compares me to Frodo Baggins! Short, tall, or somewhere in the middle, every height level has its advantages – and each has its own fashion rules. If you end up with dragging pants or skirts that fall way too long, let me help you learn how to dress if you are short.

1. Don't Fear a Tailored Fit

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If you want to know how to dress if you are short, remember that it's all about the fit. You can choose an oversized cardigan or hoodie, absolutely, but make sure the items underneath fit you. Skinny jeans are perfect for you, and never pass up a tailored blazer or pencil skirt. You'll look like five million dollars, I promise.

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