7 Ways to Make Your School Uniform Better ...


Uniforms don't have to be BORING! Check out guest contributor Erica Long's tips and get ready to go to school in style.

No longer are private schools the only ones requiring their students to wear a school uniform. Many public schools around the United States are doing it too. While uniforms can be beneficial they are mainly a pain in the butt. There are ways many way though to make your uniform not so awful. Here are seven ways to make you stand out in a sea of sameness.

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Find Stores You Love That Make Uniforms

Many stores such as American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister, Old Navy, and JC Penny's carry cute and affordable uniforms for students. Stores such as American Eagle tend to design their uniforms to be more flattering than if you bought your uniform from a place that only sells uniforms.


Invest in Sweaters

My school requires us to wear white, navy, or hunter green polos. One way to make your polo look not so boring is to wear some bright sweaters with it or a great jacket. It makes a huge difference when you pair a bright sweater with your polo, not to mention it tends to be cold in the classrooms.



Jewelry makes a big difference with any outfit ,but especially uniforms! Dress up your uniform by wearing bold earrings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces. Jewelry is like the icing on the cupcake. Without the icing, your cupcake just isn't as pretty or exciting. Well without jewelry your uniform will also not be exciting.


Fabulous Shoes

Shoes are also an important factor in any outfit and one that people tend to overlook. Pair your uniform with some colorful and interesting shoes. At my school Vans, Keds, Converse, sandals, and flats are all the rage. I am especially obsessed with Keds. They come in many colors and designs and brighten up my uniform.


Purses and Belts

Another way to take your uniform to the next level is to buy bright belts and a good purse. My school requires us to wear navy or khaki pants and when I wear a bright belt with my pants it really makes it pop. Buying a great purse is also a must. I don't know what I would do without my purse!


Hair and Make up

Doing different things with your hair and make up will definitely turn your uniform from drab to fab. So don't be shy, curl your hair tomorrow and try out that new make up idea you found on Pinterest.


Backpack and Lunchbox

Yes, even your backpack and lunchbox can make you stand out in the school hallways. Buying a backpack that has a cool design and that is colorful will only add to your style and if you bring your lunch to school then find a lunchbox that also has a cute design. Places like Target always have adorable and affordable ones.

Challenge yourself to see how many ways you can make your uniform different. Uniforms don't have to be so awful, and by doing these things you will quickly be the school fashionista.

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I wish we had school uniforms in Holland! You must think i'm nuts, but i just really really like it .

Exactly We have to wear tan penny loafers and if it's designer you have to make sure you can't see the logo. We can't wear hair accessories, red socks with our red pullovers that have to say the school name, no jewelry...I think you get the idea

Not aloud makeup nail varnish shoes over two inches we aren't even aloud baseball jackets or leather or denim it has to be a raincoat/Mac :(

Out school doesn't allow any of those

My school allows all of these😊

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