9 Fashion Inventions πŸ’‘ That Changed the World πŸŒ€ as We Know It 😱 ...

There is constant innovation in fashion but what about those fashion inventions that changed the world? Fashion changes constantly but there are still some things that are never left behind. Take a look at this brief history of some of the most stylish pieces of clothing that have changed the whole world of fashion. Each of these fashion inventions are something you probably don't want to live without.


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In the 17th century, the Italian city Genoa supplied textile that looked like papyrus and was soon called β€œGenesis”. In 1837, the entertainer Levi Strauss made a zipper for the famous blue jeans. At the time, they were designed as a workwear for men. Since then, jeans become a favorite part of the wardrobe for almost everyone. The Strauss company still works today and uses the name Levi’s.

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