7 Fashion Tips to Hide Your Muffin Top ...

If you deal with a bit of a tummy then you’re most likely on the lookout for tips to hide your muffin top. While muffin top may be a cute name, it’s not a cute thing to have, as those of us that have battled one know. While you’re working on losing it, these tips to hide your muffin top can keep it out of sight so no one knows about it but you.

1. Go for Mid-Rise Jeans

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One of the great tips to hide your muffin top is to change your jeans style. A popular jeans style today is the low rise jean. While they’re a great choice if you don’t have a tummy, they’re really not the right jeans when you’re trying to hide a muffin top. Wearing a low rise jean will encourage your muffin top to spill over. Go for midrise jeans instead. It’ll help camouflage the areas you don’t want noticed without giving you the look of horrible mom jeans.

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