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7 "Girly" Things Guys Actually Look Hot While Wearing ...

By Holly

Women are pretty much free to wear whatever they want, but men are discouraged from wearing makeup, skirts, and even certain colors. It's a bit ridiculous when you think about it, considering the fact that men look so darn sexy in some traditionally feminine things. They deserve to wear whatever they want, which is why we should try to stop the stigma we grew up believing. Here are a few "girly" things guys actually lot hot while wearing:

1 Eyeliner

Men should feel free to wear make-up as often as women do. They can skip the lipstick and eye shadow if they really want to, but there's no harm in covering up blemishes with concealer. Plus, why would we want to stop them from wearing eyeliner that makes their peepers pop? No man looks better than when his eyes are outlined.

2 Ponytail

Thankfully, it's no longer the case that women should have long hair and men should have short hair. Men can grow out their locks as long as they please, and when they do so, they should feel free to tie back their hair in a ponytail. When they style it the right way, it'll make all the women around him go crazy. It's a look that's fabulous on any gender.

3 Nail Polish

Nails aren't all that pretty to look at, unless they have a splash of color on them. Why shouldn't guys be allowed to spruce up their hands and feet, too? It looks pretty hot on them, especially if they use a dark color like black. It gives them that rocker look.

4 Rings

Men can wear more than their wedding rings. It looks sexy when a guy is comfortable wearing rings and bracelets on his hands. Plus, it gives the ladies around him incentive to approach him. Instead of fumbling to come up with something to say, she can simply compliment him on his fashion sense.

5 Earrings

The right earrings can make a guy look way more attractive than he already is. Maybe you're someone who likes gages in both ears. Maybe you prefer a diamond stud in one ear. Either way, you have to admit that men look just as amazing in earrings as women do. They just need to know which look fits them the best.

6 Pink

Did you know that pink was originally a color meant for boys? However, somewhere down the line it became a color meant for girls and men everywhere stopped wearing it. Of course, it's more common to see it nowadays, because people are becoming more comfortable with themselves. So the next time your male friend is brave enough to wear pink, pay him a compliment.

7 Skinny Jeans

Women wear low-cut shirts to show off their cleavage and tight jeans to show off their rumps, and what do men show off? They rarely get to flaunt their stuff for us to enjoy, which is why skinny jeans can be so enticing. It helps us get a good look at his stuff below the belt.

There's no reason to judge a guy based on how masculine or feminine he dresses. If he looks hot, he looks hot--that's all there is to it. Do you like when men wear any of these "girly" things listed above?

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