Girl's Guide to Finding Your Own Personal Fashion Style ...

Everybody has their own sense of style, but not everybody wishes to show it off with flair. Many people think that they need to be a slave to the catwalk, and to the latest and greatest trends and cutting edge fashion, in order to fit in. But, you will never feel comfortable until you truly embrace your own panache and flair, and find your own sense of style.

Finding your own sense of self when it comes to fashion and style is not always as easy as you would think. We are bombarded by our emotions, insecurities and self-criticism, and we end up dressing according to what other people will find tasteful, what is in fashion, or what is socially acceptable. Our own style should be an expression of who we are, what our personalities are like, and what kind of mood we are in. Here is how to find your fashion style.

1. Be an Individual

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Our individuality is what makes us attractive, not our body shape, not the brand of clothing we wear, and not the colors of accessories we choose. Fashion slaves try too hard, and anybody with a pair of eyes can pick up their insecurity immediately – they look and feel uncomfortable in themselves, and it’s evident in the way they carry their bodies and by their posture.

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