8 Breathtaking 1920s Inspired Accessories to Try on ...


8 Breathtaking 1920s Inspired Accessories to Try on ...
8 Breathtaking 1920s Inspired Accessories to Try on ...

With The Great Gatsby taking the world by storm, 1920s inspired accessories are at the forefront of fashion. I've always been a fan of Roaring '20s, which was all about ostentation, decadence, and elegance that almost but never quite crossed the line into “too much.” With 1920s inspired accessories, you never have to worry about going over the top, because this generation was all about over-indulging. Of course, there are still certain guidelines and inspirations you should follow, so here's a sketch to get you started on your journey to flapper girl fashionista!

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The Cutest Cloche in the Bunch

The Cutest Cloche in the Bunch It pretty much goes without saying that a cloche is one of the most iconic 1920s inspired accessories. It practically defined the decade, partly because the style is so versatile. For picnics in the park or casual outings, a sweet straw cloche like the Pure Edith Hat from ModCloth is ideal, but if you're going for a nighttime flapper look, there are beautifully embellished pieces from vintage shops and spots like Nordstrom and ASOS.


A Bevy of Pretty Pearls

A Bevy of Pretty Pearls Pearls were a big part of 1920s fashion fads, and they're certainly one of my favorite parts. From embellishments to necklaces to bracelets, earrings, and rings, they were everywhere – and they still are. While a close fitting strand of pearls is always timeless, 1920s style relies on longer strands, often layered, sometimes knotted. This endless rope from Nordstrom will set you back $395.00 which is a little pricey, but check stores like ASOS, ModCloth, and even Target or Lane Bryant for much more affordable dupes.


The (Pin)point of 1920s Fashion

The (Pin)point of 1920s Fashion Sometimes all you need is a brooch or a pin. Have you seen the Daisy Brooch from Tiffany's gorgeous Ziegfeld Collection? That collection, and the pin in particular, inspired this whole post, because my goodness! You could go with something big and embellished or simple and clean, as long as it has that elegant, deco feel to it. I love this Alexis Bittar “Ophelia” Calla Lilly Pin almost as much as the Daisy Brooch. Nordstrom has it for $245.00, but don't worry, there are endlessly more affordable options from pretty much any store – or you could get really authentic and start searching the antique shops and thrift stores.


Cocktail Rings with a Vintage Vibe

Cocktail Rings with a Vintage Vibe Cocktail rings were actually a big part of 1920s fashion. This decade loved everything big and bold and flashy. It's better to look for something ornate and antique looking, of course, but that represents a wide spectrum, and practically nothing is out of bounds. You could go with this gorgeous Hit the Flourish Ring, which is just $9.99 at ModCloth, or hit up ASOS, Shop Ruche, JCPenney, Target, or tons of other stores to find a beautiful, bold ring that fits your style perfectly.


A Clutch That's Just Too Much

A Clutch That's Just Too Much Get a cute clutch or a simpler drawstring evening bag and you're on your way to flapper-fantastic. Darling little bags were the bee's knees, whether you were lunching with the ladies or hitting up some classy but raucous all-night soiree. There's no right or wrong choice, really, just pay attention to the silhouette. And don't worry, because while this Milly “Nikki Fringe Facile” Clutch will set you back $350.00 at Nordstrom, every store you can imagine has a vintage clutch just waiting for you to find it.


The Fascinating World of Fascinators

The Fascinating World of Fascinators Hair accessories didn't just stop at hats back in the '20s. Fascinators, headbands, and close-fitting, all-over caps were all the rage as well, which means you have your pick of accessories. Something like the Wine and Dynamo Headband, which is $49.99 at ModCloth, is perfect for accessorizing your little black dress or even a sleek skinny-jeans-and-tee combo. However, from ModCloth, ASOS, Anthropologie, Forever 21, and beyond, there are tons of choices. Just make sure it's flashy yet elegant, with plenty of sparkle and pizazz. You can't go wrong!


Don't Stop 'til Your Earrings Drop

Don't Stop 'til Your Earrings Drop Although you can't really go wrong with studs, long, dangling earrings really evoke the 1920s style. Pearls are optional, but I love these Judith Jack Glass Pearl Drops, and at only $70.00 from Nordstrom, they're not too off the wall expensive. Still, whether you shop at Target or hit up your local jewelry store, you'll find vivaciously vintage earrings to suit your '20s taste level. Gold or silver, super embellished or relatively simple, just make sure they dangle.


Arm Candy '20s Style

Arm Candy '20s Style Many 1920s inspired accessories rely on elaborate, ornate designs. You want things that are beautiful, eye-catching, and over-indulgent without being over-the-top. Flapper girls had plenty of arm parties themselves, but generally focused on one bright, gorgeous piece, such as ModCloth's Sea Hibiscus Bracelet for just $19.99. Don't necessarily think bangles; look for something chunkier, with vibrant colors and interesting, intricate designs.

If you have the perfect bag, a stylish hat, intricate jewelry, and plenty of pearls, you're golden! Even if you aren't a fan of these particular items, the general pieces create the perfect checklist for a spree dedicated to 1920s accessories. Of course, then you've also got gloves and sun hats and pins... So how about you tell me about your favorite Roaring '20s sartorial choices?

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