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Video Inspiration on How to Dress Classy ...

By Natalya

Want to learn how to achieve a classy look? This video is the style for job interviews. And how to be classy and look expensive. Here's how to achieve a classy look.

1 Showing Expensive Taste and Style: Your Clothes Should Be Fit, Cut and Tailoring

If you get a blazer, for example, it should fit you well. Also, trousers should not be very long.

2 Materials and Textures

If you choose clothes, you should pay attention to materials and textures. Materials should last long and not look cheap. Cotton, silk, wool and real leather all look expensive.

3 Logos and Flash

Your clothes should not be with too many logos. It looks not classy and expensive.

4 Accessories/ Less is More

Invest in expensive accessories. For example, expensive sunglasses give a finishing look to your outfit.

5 Color and Tone

Neutral colors like navy and beige look more expensive than flash colors do. Pops of colors are nice as well.

6 Timeless Pieces

Try to invest in timeless pieces. Invest in classy clothes. They will last longer.

Choose stores between the cheapest one and high end. And you will look always classy.

I’m sharing this amazing video with you. Enjoy it!

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