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"Is this what you're wearing?" or "No, not this shirt again!." What woman has never had this dialogue with men in her life? Women's struggle to get men to dress better is universal. Unlike you, they won't get excited about picking out a new outfit, trying a new trend or figuring out what suits their physique. However, help is at hand from Style Pilot.
Get your guy on trend with Stylepilot.com...
Online expert Jim Cruickshank came up with an idea to help men to get advice, shop online and finally end up with the right clothes. He calls it Style Pilot. Jim teamed up with engineers and expert stylists to develop an automated stylist that picks clothes from different retailers and returns a selection that suits the fellow sitting staring at the screen.

This is how it works: Style Pilothas controls to set the style DNA of the user. This means telling the engine what the colour of his hair, skin and eyes, his height and body type are. He can select the clothing category he's looking for and define a budget. The engine will do the feared task of browsing. He'll select what he wants and a simple click will take him to the retailer from whom he can buy and have the clothes delivered at home. It's surprisingly easy,anonymous, and has a video game feel to help get guys into it.

Because your help will always be key, Style Pilotgives you a hand with the Top 5 Menswear Trends for Autumn Winter 2012:

1. Double Breasted Suits and Jackets...

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It's not the same double breasted from the 80s. They're fitted and shorter.

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