7 Must-Have Pieces of Clothing Accessories to Wear to a Football Game ...


7 Must-Have Pieces of Clothing  Accessories to Wear to a Football Game ...
7 Must-Have Pieces of Clothing  Accessories to Wear to a Football Game ...

Football season is upon us, and you might be wondering what is the best clothing to wear to a football game. You want to be comfy as you cheer on your team, but you also want to look cute. Well I have compiled a list of the must-have pieces of clothing and accessories to wear to a football game. They are the pieces that will let you cheer on your team in style and comfort. No matter what team you root for, you need to have these pieces of clothing to wear to a football game.

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A White Dress

A White Dress The best part about having a white dress as one of your must have pieces of clothing to wear to a football game is that you can wear it a ton of ways. Pair it with super cute accessories in your team’s colors. Throw on a comfy oversize sweater when it gets colder. Supporting your favorite football team has never been so easy or adorable than when you throw the perfect white dress in the mix.


Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace Going along with a white dress being super-versatile for game day, a statement necklace is the perfect addition to any football game outfit. If you are going for a more feminine look, it is the perfect accessory to tie your sundress and cardigan together. Even if you are going more casual, it will add a fun and flirty element to an outfit like jeans and a t-shirt.


Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots No matter if you go to a SEC or Big 10 school, cowboy boots are a necessity for all football games. Not only are they super comfortable, they complete any outfit, They work with everything from an adorable sundress to jeans and a team jersey. There is no going wrong with a nice pair of cowboy boots


Quarter Zip

Quarter Zip When the cold fall nights of college football set in, you will be lucky you have a quarter zip to keep you comfy and cute during football games. The best quarter zip is one that was sponsored by your team to fully show your football pride, but one in your team’s colors will work just as well. Pair it with some leggings and riding boots or jeans and sandals to get a warm yet cute look for the stadium.


Comfortable Denim Jeans

Comfortable Denim Jeans Denim jeans should be a wardrobe staple all year long, but even more so during football season. If your school has brighter colors, try pairing a colorful jersey or t-shirt with some white jeans. Or you can pair darker jeans shorts with some sneakers and a tank top to be able to stand on your feet for an entire game without having to fuss over your outfit.


Small Satchel

Small Satchel You don’t want to have to carry a huge bag around for the entire game. How can you be expected to jump around and cheer with a purse over your shoulder? A small satchel is definitely a game day staple because it can hold all of your necessities. Throw in your phone, ID, and Chap Stick, and you have all you need in your hands free satchel. Trust me, switching to a small satchel will make your entire game day experience so much better.


Vintage Letterman Jacket

Vintage Letterman Jacket If you really want to stand out, a vintage Letterman jacket is a must-have piece of clothing to wear to a football game. It shows your team spirit but in a quirky and unique way. Not to mention they are totally comfortable. Pair it with some funky leggings to stand out even more.

No matter your style is or what school you go to, these pieces of clothing are universally accepted as perfect to wear to a football game. From tailgating to the winning celebration, you will look fabulous. What did you think of these pieces of clothing and accessories to wear to a football game? Do you have a go-to outfit for football games? Is style or comfort more important at football games?

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I never saw a girl at a football game wearing a big necklace and i sont think i will this weekend

A true Lady will suffer anything to look her best, learn to add style to comfort is the key!

Wear a white dress if you want to look dumb

Wow this wasn\'t what I was expecting... At my school it\'s jeans moccasins, or ugg boots, a sweatshirt, and a blanket... When it gets really cold it\'s winter coats and mittens and hats... Guess it could be cause we live in wisconsin but no one would ever wear a dress or even a big statement necklace, but maybe they do in other towns:-)

All except! the white dress!!!!

It\'s actually very common for women to dress up during tailgating and football games in the south.... You see lots of sundresses with necklaces and cowboy boots and you will look out of place if you are wearing a sweatshirt. It all depends on where you live since the life style and traditions are different!

The white dress is the worst ever idea! Your forgetting what people eat at football games, even if it's not you the people around you.. The seats you sit in... And the big ONE. You shouldn't wear white after labour day.

I\'m from a small town in wisconsin, no one would ever think of wearing a dress or statement necklace to a football game! We all wear jeans, sweatshirts, and mittens and we look just fine because that\'s what everyone else is wearing at a football game, no need to stand out here!

Agree with Courtney!! Comfort is key, especially because it is cold at our games!!

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