7 Unique Takes on the Leather Biker Jacket Trend ...


7 Unique Takes on the Leather Biker Jacket Trend ...
7 Unique Takes on the Leather Biker Jacket Trend ...

It seems the biker jacket trend is here to stay – everyone from Rihanna to Cara has been snapped in one, and they are expected to hit the runway at fashion week soon, too. If you feel stuck in a rut with your leather jacket, though, you aren’t the only one – a recent study found that a whole lot of us leave our jackets on the hangers because we can’t think of new ways to wear the biker jacket trend. Which is why these great new ideas have come just in time…

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Go Ladylike

Go Ladylike Give the biker jacket trend a ladylike twist by dressing it up with pearls. A simple white t-shirt, black leather jacket and a string of pearls is chic and cute, and you can wear it with black pants or jeans, a la Katie Holmes. It’s perfect for rocking the masculine/feminine look that is so on trend, and it’s really comfortable, too. It’ll definitely become one of your favorite biker jacket looks.


French Fancy

French Fancy Jasmin Wagner rocked one of my top biker jacket looks recently. A stripy top (classic black and white is perfect, but colors look great too) worn with a black biker jacket and dark trousers, leggings or jeans. Then just throw in a bright scarf (I’m loving hot pink!) and you’ll be good to go! There’s something utterly fresh about stripes and leather.


Go Classic

Go Classic Fearne Cotton seems to have wardrobes full of rocker t-shirts and leather jackets, and it’s not hard to see why. A concert shirt and ripped jeans is a great off-duty uniform, and a leather jacket is a great finishing touch. Don’t forget to add a touch of your own personal style, too. I like to add some cute jewelry, a glamorous hairstyle and a printed scarf.


Green Dream

Green Dream Don’t think that black is the only choice for a biker jacket. While neutral colors are undoubtedly easy to wear, and will last seasons, you have much more choice than just black. Navy is a great choice, and olive is just gorgeous. Michelle Trachtenberg’s olive jacket is definitely on my must-have list.


Max It up

Max It up Did you see Elizabeth von Gutmann in her maxi the other night? She gave her midnight blue maxi skirt a touch of attitude by teaming it with a plain white t-shirt and black biker jacket, along with a black clutch and a slick up-do. Her skirt had a thigh high slit, too… For everyday, go for a thicker skirt material without the ultra-high slit. For nights out, silk or similar materials provide a great contrast to the leather. Tres chic.


Perfect Prints

Perfect Prints Another super cute look I spotted last week was actually on Kristen Stewart! She teamed some dark floral trousers with a pastel yellow biker jacket and a black t-shirt, worn with chunky black shoes. Wearing biker jackets with prints is a fresh look, and florals are set to stay stylish for seasons to come. I love Kristen in pastels, too - it’s hard to stay sad when you are wearing something bright, so it’s perfect for darker mornings!


Just Add Attitude

Just Add Attitude Need another way to wear the biker jacket trend? Break all the leather rules, and add more leather. Yes its risky, but it really can work. Just ask Olivia Wilde, who rocked black leather trousers with a gray leather jacket last week, with just a white t-shirt in between. Brave. If leather trousers aren’t quite your thing, coated jeans are more comfortable and flattering, and will give that same illusion.

The biker jacket trend is definitely one that we will all be wearing for a while yet, so I’ll be trying out some of these looks over the next week. I love the idea of wearing it over summer dresses and work dresses, mixing it with other leathers and even throwing it with prints… I might even wear it with my maxi dress. How will you be rocking the biker jacket trend?! Let me know!

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