7 Unique Takes on the Leather Biker Jacket Trend ...

It seems the biker jacket trend is here to stay – everyone from Rihanna to Cara has been snapped in one, and they are expected to hit the runway at fashion week soon, too. If you feel stuck in a rut with your leather jacket, though, you aren’t the only one – a recent study found that a whole lot of us leave our jackets on the hangers because we can’t think of new ways to wear the biker jacket trend. Which is why these great new ideas have come just in time…

1. Go Ladylike

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Give the biker jacket trend a ladylike twist by dressing it up with pearls. A simple white t-shirt, black leather jacket and a string of pearls is chic and cute, and you can wear it with black pants or jeans, a la Katie Holmes. It’s perfect for rocking the masculine/feminine look that is so on trend, and it’s really comfortable, too. It’ll definitely become one of your favorite biker jacket looks.

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