9 Lovely Paris Themed Clothing Finds That Are Trs Chic ...


9 Lovely Paris Themed Clothing Finds That Are Trs Chic ...
9 Lovely Paris Themed Clothing Finds That Are Trs Chic ...

When it comes to Paris themed clothing, I must admit that I am deeply influenced by the timeless glamour of this magnificent capital. There is something about the very essence of this beautiful city that makes it so easy to fall in love with its culture. By observing French fashion trends, I have been able to learn about diverse wardrobe elements and the best way to incorporate them into my own eclectic style. These lovely Paris themed clothing finds will give you the perfect excuse to find your inner Frenchie.

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Hot Topic Hot Pink Knit Beret

Hot Topic Hot Pink Knit Beret The whimsical nature of a bright beret is completely swoon-worthy, making it one of the loveliest Paris themed clothing finds. Knit berets are definitely my latest obsession. Despite being around for a substantial amount of time (leading to being included in many clichés surrounding French fashion), it still manages to maintain its stylish qualities. The fact that the beret is seen as a classic French icon alone makes it a staple for the fall season.


Modcloth Postcard from Paris Top

Modcloth Postcard from Paris Top Am I the only one who finds this postage stamp print utterly fantastic? I have been eying this gem for quite some time now; with its thin but sturdy material, the loose fit makes it really comfortable to wear. The best part about this top is that its charcoal grey color is extremely flattering! To make this look pop, pair this shirt with a flirty skirt and cherry red belt.


Urban Outfitters DV by Dolce Vita Alishia Polka Dot Dress

Urban Outfitters DV by Dolce Vita Alishia Polka Dot Dress The classic A-line dress is definitely another trend that is popular in Paris. In a post providing tips on dressing appropriately for a Paris theme party, eHow contributor Kat Consador stated that the "words 'French' and 'fashion' share more than the same first letter [...] For French women, it's not what they wear, but how they wear it. They never let the dress wear them." I feel that this beautiful dress directly embodies this message.


Modcloth Salut Your Shirt! Top

Modcloth Salut Your Shirt! Top This marvelous blouse features two elements that I hold very dear to my heart: Paris and the peter pan collar. As most people are cognizant of the vitality behind this historical landmark, the shirt's design finds a way to draw in a trendy audience.


Corilynn Red Awning Striped Skirt

Corilynn Red Awning Striped Skirt I absolutely love the Parisian feel to this next item. Contrasting stripes can be considered one of the biggest trends in France due to their ability to accent features. Even if you are not a fan of this particular piece, you can get the full effect by rocking any nautical striped skirt. There's no better way to promote patriotism than to rock the vibrant colors of the French flag!


Modcloth when Eiffel in Love

Modcloth when Eiffel in Love While you may start thinking of prints featuring the Eiffel Tower as a bit of a cliché at this point, you have to admit that this top is still pretty fabulous! The high-low cut of this shirt is definitely in tune with the styles currently on the runway.


Material Girl Front Zip Satchel Handbag

Material Girl Front Zip Satchel Handbag I am a huge fan of the versatility in this next item. Having a trendy satchel bag is very convenient as well as fashion forward. This sleek design and innovative style will be sure to turn heads.


ASOS Sexy Pencil Dress

ASOS Sexy Pencil Dress How could I make a list based on Paris' unmistakable influence on the fashion industry without mentioning the little black dress? According to Forbes contributor Cecilia Rodriguez, the little black dress is "[a]n everlasting creation. A legendary garment. A must-have for all women. A unique fashion phenomenon. A wardrobe essential that stands proud in the dressing closet of fashion cognoscenti around the world." This idea can be applied to any dress that allows you to confidently show off your amazing figure.


ASOS Premium Skater Dress with Embroidery

ASOS Premium Skater Dress with Embroidery The cut, fit and shape of this final piece will be sure to both caress and lightly skim over your curves. You can take the classic LBD a step further by rocking a black dress featuring a bold print! I love that this particular style comes in a variety of sizes, making it more accessible to fabulous women everywhere; you must check out the Asos curve line.

As a fashionista, I've never been prouder of my French heritage. Fashion is all about taking risks. It doesn't matter whether your outfit is conventional; you just have to make sure that your confidence shines through. How would you define French fashion? As a trendsetter, what are some of your favorite pieces to wear in general?

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#8 is so pretty!

I think it's so presh! I love all hats and have one like this but not this shade of pink.....I love all shades of pink... A true southern belle... Lol

The clothing that the blogger picked are cute, but french women are not walking around wearing Eiffel towers on their shirts! I'm dating a French man who has only been in America for two years, He told me if I wanted to look french, then I needed to be simple. French woman wear lite make up with a killer lip stick, for the most part they dress like us. But they dress up no matter where their are going. No gym clothes or sweat pants for these ladies. They always make sure to look their best, you never know who you will run into. Also they do not have a pleather of clothes, they buy an expensive but classic pieces, that will last a life time. Not cheap clothing for the trend of the hour.

Nicely written article! However the clothes examples I feel are more of a personal choice instead of being "good for all". The Eiffel Tower print is more playful than timeless and sits well with an audience of teen schoolgirls. The pink berret, for example, is more of a by-passing trend because of the hot pink colour. If it were black, grey, white or beige it would be an iconic timeless piece that you can wear in your teens and in your thirties. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this article! It was refreshing and original although I personally would go for more grown-up pieces despite nearly being not yet 20 haha!! :)

Love dress 8

The dresses and skirts are lovely and the pink beret IS timeless for those of us who like colour on drab days

I hate number five, who are you Waldo?

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