7 Awesome Ready-to-Wear Collections I Want Right Now ...


7 Awesome Ready-to-Wear Collections I Want Right Now ...
7 Awesome Ready-to-Wear Collections I Want Right Now ...

If I were super-rich, I’d have a closet full of my favorite ready-to-wear collections. Designers of all fields amaze me; fashion designers particularly so. The drive and constant push to reinvent, re-imagine and create entirely new looks each season is phenomenal. There is no wonder why many of the big names in fashion are known as “houses.” Each has a team of designers who work for them. Below are 7 awesome ready-to-wear collections I want right now!

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Viktor & Rolf Fall 2003

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2003 I know it's a few years old now, but the Viktor and Rolf Fall 2003 collection is my all-time favorite of all ready-to-wear collections! I am in love with the cut, color, and style of the entire collection. The pieces are a great mix of feminine and masculine features. From the sharp lines and military style to the feminine waist cuts and necklines, I simply adore it! I especially love look 3: the crisp white shirt and dark denim pant are fabulous!


Chanel Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Chanel Fall/Winter 2013/2014 The Chanel Fall/Winter ready-to-wear is luscious! It is full of double-breasted winter coats that beg for crisp air and snow! While there are few dresses in the collection this year, the designs are form fitting with interesting patterns. My favorite is 21! The bright colored jacket, short skirt, and tights can take you from day to night in a heartbeat! All you need is a change of accessories.


Valentino Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Valentino Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Valentino’s Fall/Winter collection is a lovely mix of fun shapes and luxurious fabrics. This is a collection I would wear to every single formal event, ever. The colors are regal and the lengths are fantastic. My favorite look of this collection is #40: the sleeveless pantsuit! I love the color and the silhouette. I would pair this with a fun jacket and fabulous shoes!


Alexander Wang Spring 2014

Alexander Wang Spring 2014 The Spring 2014 ready-to-wear Alexander Wang collection is relaxed and cool. The collection features shorts and skirts in pastel colors and flowing fabrics. The pieces are great. I could easily pair any of the shorts with a funky T-shirts and bold wedge sandals for a great spring look. My favorite look in this collection is #13. The asymmetrical shirt has a curious cut and the pants are draped just right.


Rhie Spring 2014

Rhie Spring 2014 style.com
Rhie spring 2014 ready-to-wear is the kind of relaxed elegance that you pair with Toms in the morning and Louboutins in the evening (again, dreaming)! The pieces are dreamy. The colors are muted and understated while the cuts are sexy and chic. Look #9 is my favorite look. This dress looks like it can pull double duty: the librarian by day/fashionista by night superhero in all of us. The entire line is also incredibly girly!


Ellery Spring 2014

Ellery Spring 2014 The Ellery Spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection looks like art in motion. The designs are gorgeous and the flow is almost liquid. I would love to have every piece from this collection hop right into my closet! Except for the basket weave tops! Look 21 is my favorite. The color and texture combination is dynamite! I would pair this with fantastic sandals and big curly hair on a girls’ night out!


Katie Ermilio Spring 2014

Katie Ermilio Spring 2014 I love sharp lines and bold designs. I also adore a great dress! The Katie Ermilio Spring 2014 collection is full of lovely dresses. The colors remind me of Easter and the patterns are cute. Each piece is cut just right for spring and the entire line has a relaxed, girl-next-door familiarity. Look #19 is my favorite. It also happens to have a Carrie Bradshaw a la Sex and the City 2 vibe!

A fashion show is like performance art, in a sense. And the ready-to-wear collections combine the creativity of high fashion couture with real world practicality. Albeit, still at out of reach prices. It’s okay to dream, isn’t it?! Is there a ready-to-wear collection you’ve been eyeballing? Do you have any insight on high fashion? Please, share!

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The only one I like is the last one

I wouldn't wear any of these if I were super rich but if that's what u like keep dreaming for it, u never know

these are gross! wouldnt wear them even if they are given to me for free !!

This is not cute

What the hell is wrong with these nasty models? Yuck!

Not that great. Where I live I just wish we could wear even a sweater for 'Winter' it's so hot and humid where I stay, the maximum I could manage would be a cardigan, even then i would feel hot. It's summer 365 days of the yearLITERALLY SOO ANNOYING.

I find none of these clothes attractive or fashionable. If I were richer than I am I'd still dress how I do now. Jeans will always be my favorite with a nice shirt and some kitten heels. But to each his/her own.

Ha haters in the building. You chose some great designers. Love alexander wang. Chanel is always on point. Not everyone appreciates impeccably made clothing, materials and artistic visions when it comes to fashion. Which is fine bc not everyone can pull it off. No need to downplay something you don't like or even necessarily understand

I'm loving the strapless jumpsuit. So....classic and sexy without revealing too much;)

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