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Outfit Ideas for Coachella 2015 ...

By Cassandra

With Coachella season officially kicking off, it's time to get your fashion thinking caps on. If there's one thing that I've taken away from all of the concerts and festivals that I've been to, it's that there are so many ways to express your style and taste in music without disrespecting your wallet. If you're gearing up for Coachella 2015, keep these sexy looks in mind.

1 Rocker Chic Distressed Jeans

clothing,blue,spring,season,fashion,Source: 14 Ways to Wear Your

2 Vintage High Waisted Shorts

clothing,photography,girl,lady,beauty,Source: Lacey Summer Tunic – Glamzelle


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3 Trendy Hobo Bag


4 Sexy T-Shirt Dress

clothing,muscle,leg,thigh,dress,Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic

5 Flirty Floral Print

clothing,woman,beauty,lady,girl,Source: Discover and Share Dresses from

6 Edgy Muscle Tee + Bandeau Bra

clothing,fun,lady,girl,beauty,Source: STYLE LOGISTICS | Fashion Blog

7 Cheeky off-the-Shoulder Top


8 Striped Top + Bright Skirt

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,pattern,Source: FlyFashionDoll

9 Chic Boho Dress

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,fashion,spring,Source: 40 Adorable Boho Casual Outfits

10 All the Fringe

clothing,dress,fashion,costume,abdomen,Source: Coachella Fashion & Festival Fit-Spiration!

11 Stylish Shades

hair,clothing,person,woman,human positions,Source: BGLH Style: Rose in Florida

12 Neon Accessories

white,clothing,footwear,yellow,spring,Source: Ecstasy Models — White and

13 Grungy Graphic Tee

clothing,footwear,dress,pattern,fashion,Source: 15 Hipster Fashion Trends That

14 Hippie Crochet Dress

dress,toy,Source: CostMad Blog | Buy something

15 Playful Romper

clothing,lady,thigh,leg,finger,Source: The long and short of

16 White Hot Romper + Kimono

clothing,outerwear,yellow,dress,sleeve,Source: Shop Trendy Unique Cute Clothes

17 The Military Jacket

clothing,fashion,outerwear,footwear,jacket,Source: CURRENT/ELLIOTT The Infantry Jacket in

18 The Maxi + Bralette Combo

color,clothing,dress,fashion,spring,Source: Festival Fashion

19 Staple Chambray Shirt

clothing,blue,denim,footwear,spring,Source: Tuesday Ten: September Style Tips

20 Casual Lace Dress

clothing,dress,fashion,photo shoot,model,Source: Lacey Summer Tunic – Glamzelle

21 Sultry Backless Top

clothing,fashion,cap,glasses,fashion accessory,Source: vintage sequin sweater with bang

22 Slimming Jumpsuit

clothing,human positions,sitting,leg,dress,Source: FlyFashionDoll

23 Rad Plaid Shirt

clothing,footwear,fashion,pattern,spring,Source: Girls Like You

24 Must-Have Thigh High Socks

clothing,footwear,sleeve,fashion,outerwear,Source: The Quiet Riot

25 Hot Crop Top

clothing,human positions,girl,leg,dress,Source: Always On My Phone

26 Faux Leather Skirt

clothing,black,dress,footwear,leg,Source: A little bit of change

27 Cool Floppy Hat

clothing,footwear,leg,thigh,pattern,Source: Dot dot dot

28 Bold All-over Prints

clothing,dress,gown,formal wear,pattern,Source: Go With The Flow

29 Tough Combat Boots

clothing,footwear,jeans,fashion,trousers,Source: What's hot

30 Comfy Sneakers

white,clothing,human positions,photography,beauty,Source: mais rien

31 Fun Trousers

color,clothing,beauty,fashion,dress,Source: BGLH Style

32 Fab Sandals

clothing,footwear,beauty,fashion,dress,Source: Love Joo Kim

Coachella 2015, here we come. Are you planning on stealing any of these looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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