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The Trendiest Outfits to Wear to Your Next Music Festival ...

By Eliza

Spring and summer means that there are music festivals all over the world. They might not all be Coachella, but whichever one you decide to go to this year, you definitely want to wear the perfect outfit. When I need inspiration, I turn to Instagram and find everything I need. Check out these on point music festival outfits and you'll be the cutest girl there.

1 Cutoffs and Crop Top

Cutoffs and Crop Top

2 Sweet Hat and Jacket


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Jada pinkett booty

3 Gladiator Sandals and Shorts

4 Perfect One Piece

5 Simple Sundress and Loads of Accessories

6 Wear a Headband

7 Basic Black

8 Boho Accessories

9 Wear White with Pattern

10 Casual Shorts and Hats

11 Cutoffs with a White Shirt

12 Patterned Shorts and a Floppy Hat

13 Adorable White Dress

14 Check out This Romper

Instagram photo by Coachella Style • May 1, 2015 at 7:27pm UTC

15 Loose and Flowy

16 Short Dress with a Belt

17 Tall Shoes, Short Dress

18 Flowers in Your Hair

19 Lots of Lace

20 Flowery Headband

21 Totally Perfect

Which music festival are you going to this year? Which of these outfits are you going to wear?

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