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7 Reasons to Invest in One Expensive Item of Clothing ...

By Alison

There are some good reasons to invest in clothing that will last, rather than buying disposable fashion that is worn out within weeks of purchase. Most budgets don't allow for lots of expensive items, however, but it can make sense to buy one quality garment that you'll get loads of wear from. Here are some good reasons to invest in clothing …

1 Quality

One of the best reasons to invest in clothing is that expensive items are generally of much higher quality. It's fine to buy cheaper clothing if that's what you can afford; with careful choices you can still dress well. But you'll really notice the difference with expensive clothing. The fabric and cut are much better, and the garment will look luxurious.

2 Great Basic

Investing in a wardrobe staple like a daytime dress or a fabulous pair of trousers makes sense. A quality garment will last much longer than a cheaper one, so in the long run you're not saving money by spending less. If you splash out on an evening dress that you'll only wear once a year, it's not money well spent. Instead, buy a dress that you'll wear frequently, or a suit that makes you feel really good at work.


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3 Beautiful

Owning a beautiful piece of designer clothing is a pleasure. Just looking at it hanging up will make you feel good, so imagine how wearing it will make you feel! Designer clothing just exudes quality. If you choose to invest in expensive shoes, you could even display them - they'll look like a work of art!

4 Investment

If you are knowledgeable about designers, an expensive piece can be a good investment as it may maintain its value. It could even become worth more over time. This is quite rare though, and you do need to have a good eye for designer clothing. Buying a quality garment can also be an investment in yourself, if it makes you feel and look good. For example, if you're being interviewed for a prestigious job you'll look much more the part in a designer outfit.

5 Longevity

Cheap garments have their uses, but you can't get a lot of wear out of them. They lose shape in the wash, get holey, and generally look worn out very quickly. Expensive garments, on the other hand, have a much longer life. As long as you care for them properly they should last for years.

6 Lot of Use

You may have heard fashion writers talking about "price per wear." This means assessing a garment by the number of times you could wear it. So a cheap garment may only be worn a dozen times before you have to discard it. An expensive garment may have a much higher price label, but you get hundreds of wears from it. So the expensive garment is much better value than it might seem at first.

7 Treat Yourself

Finally, buying an expensive garment is a real treat. And why shouldn't you treat yourself occasionally? Just make sure that you can really afford it, so that the pleasure of owning such a beautiful piece isn't spoiled by worrying about how you're going to pay the credit card bill. If you're getting married, you could buy a designer dress and have an alternative wedding dress that you can wear again.

A designer wardrobe is out of reach for most of us, but you can still own one piece. It's all relative - you could have an expensive dress for the price of your cell phone. Take time to choose the perfect item and you'll love it for years. It'll be worth the money if it makes you feel great. Would you buy only designer clothes if you had the money?

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