7 Relatively Unknown Fashion Designers You May Not Have Heard of ...

These relatively unknown fashion designers are taking the world of fashion by storm. While you may not have heard of these designers, you may recognize some of their work from the runway, or as worn by your favorite celebrities. While each of these designers has a different specialty, one thing is for sure, you will be amazed by their creations! Remember these names because I have a feeling you will be hearing all about them before long.

1. Noritaka Tatehana

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You have probably seen this unknown fashion designer's work, but may not have known his name. Celebrities such as Daphne Guiness and Lady Gaga are big fans of his avant garde shoes. Noritaka has always had a love for fashion and taught himself to create dresses and shoes at a young age. Noritaka helped start the "heelless" high heel trend. What sets his work apart from others is that he handcrafts each shoe himself throughout the manufacturing process. His shoes are truly a work of art.

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