8 Trends in Eyewear for Spring 2013 ...


8 Trends in Eyewear for Spring 2013 ...
8 Trends in Eyewear for Spring 2013 ...

There are many different trends in eyewear for spring 2013. When the big designers showed off their collections at the spring fashion weeks, it wasn’t just clothing trends they were setting. Shoe trends, bag trends, beauty trends, and even eyewear trends were influenced during those fashion week shows! There were certain eyewear trends that were popular amongst the designers and will no doubt be popular among the public this season. Check out these trends in eyewear for spring 2013.

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Round Frames

One of the biggest trends in eyewear for spring 2013 is for round frames. Small, medium, and large frames are all in fashion, as long as they have that sleek circular shape. A pair of round frames is just what you need to give your outfit a retro-inspired feel this spring. Round frames can be hard to pull off so make sure you experiment with different sizes to find the frames that suit you best.


Cat Eye Frames

Cat Eye Frames Cat eye frames have been in fashion for a while now but this spring they’ll be everywhere! They were a popular choice on the spring runways and are perfect for creating a glamorous, ladylike look. You can’t go wrong with classic black or tortoiseshell frames, but this spring bolder designs are going to be popular as well.


Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored Lenses Another big trend for spring is mirrored lenses on sunglasses. The look is fashion-forward and a bit futuristic. Mirrored lenses can be found in all shapes and styles of sunglasses, so it’s just a matter of finding the right pair for you.


Oversized Frames

Oversized Frames Bigger is better when it comes to eyewear trends this spring. Oversized frames are all the rage with square, slightly rounded shapes being the most popular option. Big sunglasses are perfect for acting all dark and mysterious, while larger spectacles are perfect for channelling your inner hipster.


Decorated Frames

Decorated Frames Really make a statement this spring with some decorated frames. Many designers decided to get creative by including embellishments and other decorative details on their frames. For example, Prada and Anna Sui opted for cute floral embellishments, while at Roberto Cavalli, models sported eyewear that featured intricate metal framework


Patterns and Prints

Patterns and Prints Spring is a great time to play with pattern and colour. Even when it comes to sunglasses and spectacles! Dolce & Gabbana opted for bold stripes, Stella McCartney chose stylish animal prints, and Tory Burch created arty patterned frames. Printed and patterned eyewear is a great way to spice up a plain outfit this spring.


Unusual Shapes

Unusual Shapes Unusual and odd shaped frames seemed to be everywhere on the spring runways. If you like to stand out from the crowd in something a little bit different, then this trend is definitely for you. Check out the spring 2013 runways of Marni, Miu Miu, and Fendi for some inspiration. This spring, the more unusual and eclectic the frame, the better!


Protective Eyewear

Protective Eyewear This is one of the more unusual eyewear trends to come from the spring runway shows. Models were seen wearing protective looking eyewear at Michael Kors, Milly, and Tracy Reese. I’m not sure how you’d make this look work in real life, unless you actually worked in a lab, of course!

Show-stopping eyewear is where it’s at this spring. Instantly update your spring outfit with some standout shades or spectacles. What eyewear trends are you digging for spring?

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I love this article, although I wish there were pictures:(

I love the oversized shades trend! Too bad my nose makes me look bad in sunglasses :(

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